Dark Glasses Store Furniture Wall Cabinet for Sale

glasses wall cabinet

Sunglasses displays are popular because they can showcase more different kinds of glasses. Before opening a glasses store, it’s very important to purchase glasses furniture and place them in a suitable location. Here is a nice glasses store sharing with you.

Description of sunglasses store design

As we can see in the design, the main tone of the glasses store is black and white with red and blue decoration. That gives people a high-tech feeling. The shop size is about 40 sq meters, we can make glasses furniture fit your store.

sunglasses store displayWall cabinet

There are different kinds of wall cabinets that fit the glasses store. You can choose open shelving cabinets for glasses. Back wall cabinets with perforated panels and metal support rods are a good option. We can add shelves at the top to highlight glasses, and on the bottom uses cabinets and drawers for storage.

Center display

Center display is very important for a big store. It makes the glasses store look better and can also show more products. We can use a glass display counter, gondola shelving, and even rotating display stands. No matter which style you like, we can make it good for your business.

wall display standReception counter

Don’t ignore reception counter design, it’s not only a service desk but also determines what the first impression you gave clients. You can set a consult table in the middle. While the back wall has a small bill counter with blue and black decoration. Business name and logo can attach to the back wall so that clients can know you well. Use suitable lighting to create a modern and unique feeling to your glasses store.

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