Simple optical shop design eyewear display rack wooden cabinet

The eyewear industry is a highly profitable one. If you want to start an optical shop business, you can open it near the school, office building and so on. Because the student and the white-collar worker is the major customer of the optical store.

If you are looking for an optical shop design, we can send you some designs. You can check this simple optical shop design eyewear display rack wooden cabinet for reference.



This optical shop is a simple design. Against the wall of the optical store is the wall display cabinet. The wall display cabinet has many display racks for eyewear. So that the customer can see the product clearly and choose what they want. The bottom of the display rack area has some drawers for storage.

On the top of the optical store wall display cabinet has some lighted boxes to put the posters for advertising and decoration. The middle of the eyewear shop has a seating area for the customer to sit and discuss the details. It has a small size cashier table and on the wall has the 3D lighted logo of the customer’s brand logo.



We can make a customized 3d optical shop design for you. If you get a shop location and the floor plan from them, please send it to us then we can make a new shop 3d model according to that. You can feel free to let us know your idea of the shop style.

Our design team will work out a whole eyewear shop design in 5-7 working days. The customer can check the shop design and then we can change anything if they want. A whole eyewear store design includes the ceiling design, flooring design, wall decoration design and store furniture design.

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