Wooden and Green Optical Store Furniture Display Counter for Sale

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Optical store furniture is important to show the glasses and can decorate your shop. No matter what shop size you have rented, it’s a good idea to purchase wonderful optical displays for shops. Besides, placing the glasses cabinets in a suitable location is very important. It can guide poeple to follow your thoughts. A 3D design helps to arrange all the furniture in a suitable area.

eyeglasses store furnitureHow to do optical store design?

Before starting the optical store design, you have to measure the shop size. It’s better to get the floor plan from the landlord, or you can ask professional structures for help. The second step is to make a layout plan to show the display can counter layout. Third, create design models and place them in the correct location, and render clear photos to show the final effect. Our excellent design team can help you do layout plans and 3D designs.

optical shop designOptical store furniture design

This optical kiosk has wall-mounted optical shelving on both sides. Middle has a round cabinet with a lighting lamp to hang glasses. Lighting boxes and posters attach to the wall to promote popular glasses styles.

While the shop center has double sides display counter. That allows poeple to select eyeglasses on both sides. We can see the counter body is in wood color and the top is white color.

The reception counter is very important in the sunglasses shop. It can also use as a bill counter. While the back wall can also add display shelving, which is convenient for clients to purchase goods when paying cash.

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