Metal and Wooden Optical Shop Wall Cabinets for Sale

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Recently, many poeple plan to open wooden optical shops. Because the optical shop is easy to start and has a large profit. You can hire professional optometrists and opticians or even excellent shopping guides and store managers to help you. If it’s your first business, spend more time and energy decorating the shop and purchasing suitable wall displays. Here is a nice optical store fixture to share with you.

eyeglasses shelvingIntroduction of an optical shop

As we can see in the design, this optical shop has wall display shelving, wall cabinets, a center display counter, and wall-mounted shelving in front of the window and reception desk. There are bright white-cold dome lights and spotlights to increase the lighting.

The glass window has wall-mounted shelving with glasses signage on the top, poeple understand your business when passing by. While the right wall has wall shelving with black frames. That is convenient to show different styles of glasses. The left wall has wall cabinets with wooden color finishes. Each shelving has a light lamp to highlight items.

glasses store furniture

In the middle of the optical shop, you can set a small counter here. You can mirror and eyeglasses frame here. Besides, you can also add glass cabinets on the top and bottom for storage. The brand logo and business name attach here to promote the shop theme.

Reception counter

The reception counter, which can also use as a cashier counter, is usually placed at the backside. The white color and wooden brand background look very luxurious and high-end. So that clients can view directly from the outside. Solid wood bar room divider view as brand image decoration with “optical” letters set behind. If you look for customized optical shop furniture, just contact us for more information. Thank you

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