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Sunglasses and eyeglasses are normal in our daily life. People wear glasses to correct their vision and usually prefer to wear sunglasses while driving, on vacation, and traveling. It’s a good idea to open a sunglasses shop and earn money. Here is a high-end sunglasses shop design sharing with you.

Description of sunglasses store furniture

sunglass shop designThis sunglasses shop has wall display cabinets, glass counters to show sunglasses, and eye frames for purchase. We can also add rotating displays to show hot selling or promoting sunglasses.

Reception counter

The reception counter is very important for a retail shop. This sunglasses store has a reception desk near the entrance, so you can serve every people when they come into your shop. The main tone of the reception desk is a white body with a black countertop and frame. It can also use as a bill counter when adding cashier registers.

sunglasses cabinet

Wall cabinets

There are 3 different styles of wall cabinets in the sunglasses store. We can see the right side has white wall cabinets with open shelving with glass doors. The top has lightbox paintings for advertising, while the bottom has drawers.

While another side cabinet is in black color, it has a smaller width than the white wall cabinets area. We can also set up a perforated board display in the wall cabinet. In this way, more glasses can be displayed vertically for customers to choose from.

Glass display counter

Gass display counter is usually set in the aisle or in front of wall cabinets. It has glass display cabinets at the top with sliding drawers. That is convenient to place and pick up sunglasses for employees. Each glass cabinet has a light lamp at the top. Lighting is very important for sunglasses shops, so please don’t ignore it when building your sunglasses shop furniture.

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