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sunglasses store furniture

Optical shop furniture is useful in retail shops because it helps to show eyeglasses well. Before opening a sunglasses store, it’s a good idea to choose wonderful and useful optical displays. That makes a good first impression. If you are ready to start an eyeglasses business, don’t forget to order customized optical furniture.

Description of an optical shop

Like most optical shops, this glasses store furniture includes wall cabinets, display counters, and a cashier counter. We can also hang brand signage, lightbox painting, and even lights to decorate the optical shop.

eyeglasses store furnitureWall cabinets

There is wall display shelving on the right wall, each layer has a light lamp to show eyeglasses. It has a black frame and cabinets for decoration. We can also add white letters on the top as guidance. While the right wall has white display cabinets with a round top in golden frame decoration. It is the brightness that shows the items well.

sunglasses display showcaseDisplay counter

The shop center has a display counter with metal legs, you can talk with clients to help them purchase eye frames. We can also add wall-mounted shelving on different levels, which can increase the showcase area. It’s fun to add a glasses-style display to the wall. Mirrors on the wall that are convenient for clients to view the effect?

Advertising area

The reception counter is set at the entrance so that you can serve every client well. We can add a golden frame with lighting surrounding the center, which looks very attractive. Behind the wall has a lighting box painting and tile background brand signage. Optometry room, optician room and storage room are set upstairs, so as to ensure the privacy of employees’ work

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