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Optical shop is one of the most profitable businesses in the market. Due to the rapid development of electronic products, people need glasses to correct their vision. Blue light-blocking glasses and sunglasses are also very popular. If you plan to open a sunglasses store, this optical shop design can help you.

Sunglasses store design

This sunglasses store is in white color with golden metal frame decoration. It is very high-end and modern. There is an upstairs separate reception area from display showcase area. The main material is MDF with a high gloss white surface and golden metal decoration. We can also use tempered glasses with lighting to make items stand out.

sunglasses cabinet

Layout information

Reception area

We can see in the design, that the reception area has reception counters, a brand imagines wall behind, a mirror attaches to the column, and wall cabinets. It’s in the front shop so that clients can view sunglasses easily and can also accept service guidance once enter your shop.

sunglasses store furniture

Opposite the reception desk is large wall cabinets with glass shelving and storage at the bottom. Lightbox painting can attach to the top for advertising. While next to the cabinets are 3 circle wall-mounted displays with sunglass layers.

L shape counter

There is an L shape counter in the center with a grey bench in the front, clients can sit down and select sunglasses directly. The counter is white in color and golden frame, and the counter body is decorated with slate, which looks very unique.

eyewear shop furnitureOpen display shevling

While we can see the back wall has long cabinets with glass shelving. It’s a good idea to add a slat wall with hooks to display more sunglasses. Brand signage and slogan add to the top of the cabinet. You can also add moveable shelving at the bottom cabinet for storage.

The mirror is important in the sunglasses shop, it helps consumers to select eyewear frames. We can see there is a long mirror with an arc golden angle attached to the cabinets.

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