3D Eyewear shop design simple style optical store display furniture

People’s eyesight is getting worse and worse because they are in front of computers and mobile phones for a long time. It has many people open optical stores to start their own business. An attractive optical shop is an important element for you to run the business. Because the first thing people see is your store design.

The optical shop design needs to let the customer want to come into your shop. How to make an optical store design? We can give you some suggestions. Below is a 3d eyewear shop design simple style optical store display furniture, let us have a look.



The shop style of this eyewear store is simple with the wooden and white color. It has a cashier counter in white color and the countertop is the marble stone material. In the middle of the optical shop is a display stand. This display stand is a tempered glass cover with the led strip light on the top.

On the two sides of the optical shop is the wall display cabinet. With the wooden color surface finish and the wooden display shelf. On the top of each wooden display showcase install the led strip light. It has the glass sliding door and the bottom of the wall display showcase is the storage cabinet.



Before we make the eyewear shop design, please send us the size or the floor plan of your shop. We can discuss the layout, the shop style, the color and so on. For a customized optical store design, it will charge a 500-1000$ design deposit and it depends on your shop size. Our design team will make and send the 3d design of the eyewear shop in 3-5 working days.

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