How to choose colored contact lenses?

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Buy colored contact lenses carefully. Nowadays, colored contact lenses are loved by many young friends, and the society has also set off the trend of cosmetic contacts. However, the quality of color contact lenses on the market is uneven, and the main problems are:

1. There is no Chinese label on the package

In addition to the regular optical shop operating color contact lenses, some jewelry shops, plaid shop contact lens packaging bottles are mostly written in Korean, English, no Chinese logo, can not confirm the production name, site, distribution unit, precautions and other information.

2. Uneven quality

Some of the colored contact lenses sold in street stores are in small glass bottles without packaging, some of the bottles have broken labels, and some of the brand logos are blur, and the quality is worrying.

3. Whether it is a medical device is difficult to define

Some jewelry shops and plaid shops that distribute color contact lenses do not know that the operation of contact lenses must have a medical device business license, and some shops think that they are selling beauty jewelry and think that color contact lenses and medical devices are “very funny”.

Pay attention to the problem

In view of the above, the Consumer Association reminds consumers to pay attention to the following issues when purchasing color contact lenses:

1. Before wearing colored contact lenses, you need to go through a strict eye examination, go to a place with examination room, wearing room, optometry room and other places and professionally equipped distribution units to buy colored contact lenses, and wear them correctly under the guidance of a professional doctor or optometrist.

2. Color contact lenses should be replace regularly, review regularly, and worn and care for in strict accordance with the instructions and the use methods guided by doctors or optometrists.

3. Wear colored contact lenses and pay attention to hygiene to avoid infection caused by unhygiene. In principle, it should be taken off every day for cleaning and disinfection according to regulations. It is best not to wear it when sleeping, so that the cornea can get natural breathing and reduce complications.

4. The lens box is prone to breeding bacteria and fungi, which should be wash with boiling water frequently. When stopping wearing contact lenses, the lenses should be strictly cleaned and disinfected, and soaked in the nursing solution, and the nursing solution should be change once a week.

5. Once you find eye pain, fear of light, tears, congestion, etc., you should immediately take off the lens and stop wearing it, and go to the hospital in time.

Selection points

1. Wear strict rules

According to the instructions of the wearers, the operation of wearing and removing contact lenses should be standardized to prevent nails, clips and sharp objects from damaging the lenses.

2. Check before wearing

Check by a professional ophthalmologist, suffering from trachoma, keratitis, conjunctivitis, hypertension, diabetes, endocrine disorders and other diseases, as well as underage children, should not wear contact lenses.

3. Usually the first wearer comes to the wearing center a week later for examination

Regular wearers review once every three to six months, and find that they are not applicable after use, and they should go to the wearing center for inspection at any time to ensure eye hygiene.

4. Prevent chemical damage

Contact lens wearers who use cosmetics must follow the principle of wearing the lens before applying makeup, removing the lens after removing makeup, and strictly preventing the damage of hair, skin care and beauty chemicals to the lens.

5. Safe and hygienic storage

The lens is removed into a special lens box and immersed in a nursing solution. The lens box should be sanitized to prevent the lens cap from crushing the lens.

There are many brands and categories of contact lenses, so when choosing contact lenses. You should consider your eye health, actual use needs and product characteristics. So that the choice of products is the most suitable for your own, can not just blindly follow the advice of others or only consider beauty, try to go to the regular place fitting, choose a guaranteed contact lens brand.


It was an inadvertent oversight that led to Janie’s blindness. Experts say this type of acanthamoeba keratitis is not rare. To prevent infection, it is best to rinse contact lenses with cold water to thoroughly clean them.

Cut your nails short and wash your hands well each time before putting on or operating the lens. Operate and put on the lens on a clean, flat table to avoid dropping the lens on the floor. Check the lens carefully for breakage, dirt and sediment before each fitting. Do not wear if damaged. If there is dirt and sediment, it must be cleaned and rinsed before wearing. Distinguish the front and back of the lens, so that the front is worn upward.

Clean, rinse, disinfect and store lenses according to prescribed procedures. When cleaning, rub each side for 10 seconds, rinse each side for 5 seconds, and sterilize and soak for at least 4 hours. After the care solution is used in the bottle. The lid should be tightly closed each time after use, and do not touch the bottle mouth with your fingers. The care solution should be use up within the specified time. If it is not use up, it should be discard and replaced with fresh care solution.


It is best to soak the lens with an efficient cleaning tablet every week. And the lens must be fully clean and rinsed before and after soaking. Wear contact lenses do not drop any eye drops (unless it is a contact lens special eye drops). Otherwise the ingredients of the potion adsorbed on the lens, not only make the lens muddy and hard, but also the high concentration of the liquid ingredients in the lens will damage the eye tissue. If the lens is not use for a long time. It must be strictly cleane, rinse, disinfecte, soaked in the nursing solution, stored at room temperature, replace once a week, and carefully cleane, rinse and disinfect when wearing it again.

After putting on the lens, rinse the lens case with fresh full-function solution, air dry and reserve. Women who need to make up should wear contact lenses before making up, take off contact lenses before removing makeup, and do not make cosmetics stick to the lenses. It is not recommend to use tweezers and sticks and other auxiliary tools. Because if the tweezers do not wrap the tip, it is easy to damage the lens, and the wrapper of the tweezers and the stick head is easy to be contaminate by bacteria and become a good medium for bacteria, which contaminate the lens and cause eye inflammation.


If the eyes have secretions, friction or conjunctival congestion, or even white spots on the cornea, never wear it reluctantly and should go to the hospital immediately. Traditional lenses are recommend not to be worn for more than one year, and should be replace in time according to the specific situation of the lens during the use cycle. Soft contact lenses can correct mild astigmatism, high astigmatism please prefer astigmatism contact lenses. Any lens must be clean and disinfect before wearing. Remember to wash your hands and trim your nails.

Try not to contact the lens with a small stick or small tweezers, so as not to cause too much damage to the naked eye. Remove glasses from the table to prevent them from falling to the floor. Do not use any eye drops when wearing colored contact lens lenses. Please do not soak your glasses in liquids other than treatment solution. Do not share contact lenses with others. Check your eyes at most six months.

Do not wear for a long time need to change once a week care solution. The nursing solution can be soake for at least 4 hours to play a nursing role. Rub the front and back sides for 10 seconds each time, and then rinse the front and back sides with the nursing solution for 5 seconds each.

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