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 In Optical Store Design

People judge things first by their appearance. It is said that the first 20 seconds of meeting can determine 80% of the impression. This impression will be preconceived, people unconsciously are easy to be influenced by stereotypes. Reasonable display of goods can play an important role in displaying goods, stimulating sales, facilitating purchase, saving space and beautifying the shopping environment. Let’s expore the optician stores.

1.Scientific classification

Most optician stores operate more types, ranging from dozens to hundreds of kinds, to expand the service surface and improve the turnover rate. The so-called scientific classification is in accordance with some rational logic to classify the method. Such as according to the order of age emissions, the door is adolescent glasses, the middle is middle-aged glasses. The most elderly glasses, children’s glasses and contact lenses, or the left is the middle price of glasses, the right is the high-end price of glasses. The most inside is the place to provide after-sales service. Scientific classification brings convenience to customers and store management.


2.Change methods frequently

Eyeglasses stores deal in fashion goods, and when a wave of fashion blows. The appearance of the eyeglasses store should be refreshed. If the goods have not changed much, you can make some changes in the display, decoration and decoration, which can also make the store change a new face, so as to attract customers to go.

3.Joint convenience method

The series of supplies need by the same type of consumer objects are place together. Or the frequently matched styles are place together, which can facilitate the purchase of customers. And this combination of commodity sales method is call the joint convenience method. For example, sunglasses, polarized and SK colored lenses are place together to create a “360° UV protection zone”, and flat sunglasses and contact lenses are place together.

4.Cycle repetition method

Some glasses styles are place in a certain position for too long. Due to the influence of light and surrounding styles and other reasons, and no one is intereste in them. Then they can be replace and recombined with other styles of glasses, which will produce a new art theme and increase the chance of sale. Such as the “school season” youth lens activity theme. Moving the glasses from the inside shelf to the outside shelf will be more noticeable. By repeating the cycle, and then with new styles on the shelves, the entire optician stores will give people a feeling of constant change.

5.”one person, many mirrors” method

In each season, consumers’ glasses are a new combination of various occasions, various uses, various themes of rich and orderly styles. With the acceleration of the pace of urban life, people need more services in glasses combination consultation. Optician stores in the combination of goods, may wish to take advantage of this psychology, in the sale of goods at the same time also increase the service of glasses combination consulting. The combination can be divide into a single combination, a couple combination, a combination of three families, etc. Or according to the personalized needs of the combination. Such as the point into the optical office anti-fatigue, business SK membrane change, travel and vacation beautiful myopia sunglasses. Outdoor sports anti-fog tablets and other occasions of the lens and frame combination and design scheme.


6.glasses decoration against the method

In the optician shop to do some eyewear foil, can strengthen the artistic theme of eyewear products, to leave a deep impression on customers. For example, draw some children’s fun patterns on the walls of the children’s eyewear shop, put a bunch of flowers near the couple’s glasses, and put a clock next to the high-end glasses. Glasses decoration against the law must not be overwhelming, the clerk must know what they are selling. So as not to ask customers “how much is this bouquet of flowers” will name, excellent, special, new glasses products, placed in the vicinity of the old products, can also produce a mutually set off effect, it seems to suggest that the products in this exhibition area are good, but the products that are set off can not be too bad.

7.Model display method

Most glasses are sold directly to consumers. When people see a beautiful display, they will mistake themselves for being as beautiful as they are, which is an irresistible psychology. In addition to hanging display and shelf display, the store can also use models. Beautiful salespeople can also act as models, and this is how the world’s first commercial model was born.

8.Effect application method

When people enter the store, the first thing they see is an effect, which is not only formed by the style of glasses itself. And many other relevant factors will affect the overall effect. Such as playing music, lighting, screening videos, etc., are related to the mood of the buyer of glasses, but also related to the taste and credibility of the store. Some large stores set up child care stations, ultimately for sales effect. A large lens is installed in the optical store, which not only visually expands the space of the store, but also facilitates the audition of customers.

9.Winding path secluded method

The ancients have a wonderful poem of “winding path through secluded place, Zen room flowers and trees deep”. The container layout of the optician stores should be conducive to the walking of customers, and continue to go on, giving people a fascinating feeling. For the deep type of shop, it is advisable to design the channel into an S-shape and extend inward. For the square rectangular site of the store, you can through the arrangement of shelves, so that customers turn a few circles, not after entering the store “at a glance”, turn around and return.

Analysis of common optician stores decoration layout:

Square layout:

Square layout is generally the traditional optical store. Especially the square store glasses display cabinet layout of the most commonly used way, glasses display cabinets and accessories, decoration and other Spaces are direct layout. The middle is generally low cabinet around the island. This layout customers are the most common, more products on display, the customer line is also very obvious.

Free flow layout:

Another layout is free flow layout. Theme stores, shopping malls, may use this layout, glasses display is relatively free, to customers is a no specific structural characteristics of the moving line design, glasses display also broke through the tradition, irregular shape to attract customers stop, increase the free casual viewing, flexible layout and other characteristics.

According to the market positioning and demand, to reasonably plan the space proportion. The more popular fashion elements, the industry’s advanced decoration design process into the space. Space should not be too complex, reasonable space planning and to meet the customer’s cognition and understanding of the brand.

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