What are the tricks of the optician’s distribution area?

 In Optical Store Design

Eye-catching window displays and in-store themed displays. Store design to achieve the purpose of allowing customers to come in and stay, we must rely on content to attract people. Let’s expore the option store.

Distribute the display area by function

They made an article on the functional division, each area has its own specific content, and consumers will not feel “lost” when entering the store. The ultimate goal of store design is to make customers feel convenient and comfortable in it. Therefore, each function area should take into account how the user experience in it. In the corner of the option store, there is a special area for outdoor sports glasses, which caters to the main customer group of the store – the life content of urban youth, because young people in Europe are generally fond of outdoor sports. The product display area, customer rest and waiting area and fitting negotiation area are separate and organically integrated together.


Partition display

Generally speaking, the optical store is divide into the central business area, brand display area, sunglasses area, boutique sunglasses area, contact lens area, window display area, optometry area. The layout of each area may affect the shopping psychology of customers. And reasonable layout and pattern will make customers more invested in shopping, and then cause customers’ desire to buy.

1.Optician room

The mirror room has a lot of precision instruments, accessories, disinfection pool, so the decoration price is usually higher. Pay attention to the maintenance of the instrument.


The lobby is the most basic and practical part for the guests, where all kinds of eyewear samples are displayed. Therefore, the fine decoration here is very important, and it is also the guarantee of enhancing the value of an optical shop. It is important to use hall lighting, color and mirrors. Generally, optical stores use white light to show the texture of glasses. And the bright feeling can also reflect a more comfortable shopping atmosphere. But not too bright.

At the same time in the store head, ceiling, counter installation in line with their own requirements of lighting fixtures. In terms of color matching, light glasses are set off by dark blue, and dark glasses are display on a white background, which is more in line with the mood of cultural consumption. And you can also feel the exotic atmosphere brought by the color and material of the glasses. At the same time, the use of mirrors is also very important. You can store the illusion of spacious, bright eyes, broaden the horizon.

3.The help desk

The service desk should have a light cultural atmosphere, give customers a different kind of warmth, but also to provide warm service. The decoration of optical shop is mainly to improve the consumption environment. So that consumers can enjoy the sense of being respect and happy. At the same time, the service function area is increas to provide consumers with more intimate services. The elegant consumption environment is more and more recognized by consumers, coupled with the establishment of various supporting service facilities. In a sense, it will inadvertently enhance customer satisfaction. And it will also be generate by these satisfaction, obtain a good reputation. And gradually accumulate into intangible assets in the sales process.

4.Color matching application

Reasonable color in the optical shop occupies an important position, usually the color is based on the owner’s choice of decoration style to match, different colors can reflect different themes. Generally used, white, black, gray, wood grain, a few styles will use light blue, cyan, etc. These colors are usually to convey a bright, relaxed, happy atmosphere to customers. But also fully reflect the internal quality and culture of the corporate brand.


5.Lights and fixtures

Light in the optical shop will account for a great deal of credit, “glasses are the window of the soul,” then the biggest feature of the option store is bright, the general main light to use strip LED lights hidden in the ceiling to do, auxiliary round hole lamp auxiliary lighting. Display cases with strip lights or spotlights to highlight key points. The application of lighting can enhance the color and texture of the store, with decoration, display to convey the tone of the brand, in the adjustment of lighting, as far as possible to maintain the characteristics of goods in natural light, avoid glare.

So that consumers feel comfortable and safe in it, create a positive shopping environment. The artistic sense of lighting is designed through the principle of “see the light, do not see the light”. And create a three-dimensional sense of the product with the change of light, highlighting the texture, texture, color and so on.

6.Option store structure layout:

On the one hand, the human flow line is to make consumers feel natural, comfortable and peaceful while walking through the store. On the other hand is the feeling of orderly, feel that the decoration layout is well organized, orderly and not chaotic, and can clearly choose the products they need when shopping.

7.Optometry room:

The optometry room is mainly to provide customers with optometry, with an independent optometry room and a professional optometer, optometrists can clearly understand their own vision degree, so as to choose their own glasses. When the optometry room is decorated, the general length is more appropriate with a width between 2-3 meters. The height of the installation of the eye chart is the best when the patient’s eyes look forward and the mirror reflects the entire image of the eye chart. The optometry room does not need to be decorated too much, as long as it is simple, fresh and clean.

8.Invisible wearing area:

The invisible wearing area generally has 1-2 groups, equipped with a sink, hand sanitizer, hand dryer, and display shelves for contact lenses. Customers who need contact lenses can wear them here. In the design and production of the display case in the contact area, attention should be paid to preparing a mirror for wearing contact lenses.

9.Avoid overdoing it

Although now light decoration heavy decoration, but also pay attention not to excessive decoration, to avoid causing noise. After all, glasses belong to the purchase of goods, consumers want to have more choices when buying, in order to seriously compare its quality, style, color, price, etc. In the display of products orderly, complete categories, rich, so that consumers feel large choice.

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