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With the increase in the number of myopia, glasses have become a hot product. There are new shops all over the street, you might be thinking that what kind of shop is qualified, and how do you start your own shop when you want to start the new business? Today, I will introduce to you a spectacle shop as a reference, so that you can know it.


Optical shops are not the same as other product shops, because optical products have their own particularities. Customers need professional services when they buy, and they need to help customers to do optometry and visual acuity inspection and provide customers with not only glasses products but also services. So we need to consider this when designing.


From the function of the optical shop, we can know that in addition to the product display area, the optical shop will also need optometry and a work area. Therefore, we will combine the two parts and consider them separately when designing. Generally, the area of your shop will consider when designing.

Display Showcases

For example, in this store, most of our designs are wall display cabinets, which are designed on both sides of the basic store. The upper part is a frame structure with a mirror, the lower part is a cabinet, and the countertop can display some products. Some tables and sofas are placed in the middle for customers to wait and rest.


Good design includes not only the design of display furniture, but also the lights, floor, LED lightboxes, and others. You can see our designs, which clearly have the layout of the shop. The design of each display cabinet, and the overall decoration color, and The matching of decorations.

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