The times are developing, and everyone’s aesthetics have also undergone many changes. Everyone knows that a good decoration can not only improve the grade of a store but also be a major guarantee for sales. A good decoration gives people a bright feeling. This time is how to open an optical shop to capture our own style, highlight the advantages of our exhibits, and cooperate with professional technical knowledge and advanced equipment, which can give our shop the icing on the cake. So a good decoration is also essential for a store.

Today I want to introduce a very high-end optical shop. It is from the door that makes people want to go in and take a look. Therefore, the decoration of the store is very important. Only if it looks professional and advanced, customers will want to go in and visit.

The wall of this optical shop is a grille wall, and the color is dark gray, which looks like a calm style.

A display area is set on the wall at the entrance, they are directly embedded in the wall, and different displays are set up according to the size of the wall. The wall on the left is relatively small, so we set it to display vertical bars, and the large area on the right can set up a larger display. The right angle is a very common design and feels too sharp. So the curved display is a good choice.

It has a very high-level professional feel both inside and out. The walls on both sides are the sunglasses display area. And the arc-shaped booth in the middle can hold our main products. The style of the display case is the same as the exterior, also the grille design.

The double countertop display makes our display table more layered, and the countertop is made of marble. Marble is a very high-grade stone. It is often used as a work of art and is used in many five-star hotels.

The display cabinet on the wall uses a metal frame and laminate, and a light strip is installed at the bottom of the laminate, which makes the whole cabinet look very textured. Customers can also directly choose the sunglasses they like.

Mirrors are a must in optical and jewelry stores. Customers need mirrors to gauge which sunglasses and jewelry are right for them. So we can install several mirrors on the wall. This is very necessary.

The reception desk is also a very important part. It also has to be the same style as the whole store, we can use the same color or add similar elements to make the whole store look more complete.

The furniture and decoration of this store is mainly frame structure. We can see that its wall display and ceiling lights are using a frame structure. It has an industrial style, which is one of the popular ones.

If we want to create a high-level professional store, design is essential. Just like when we renovate a house, we also do a design in advance, arranging the layout we like and the furniture inside. The same goes for shops, where unplanned renovations can lead to a lot of hassle and lost time and money. So design is the primary consideration. We can choose the style we like by perfecting the design drawing. And through the final design to decorate and buy the furniture and equipment we need.

We are a professional furniture manufacturer, we provide professionally designed and custom furniture. You can get the full store with us.

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