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Whether you’re starting your own hair business, opening a barbershop on a busy street, or opening a small salon in a large shopping mall. Choosing the right salon styling station will help you build a successful hair salon business. There are many factors to consider when creating the perfect salon. You may be looking for some hairdressing stations designed to give your barbershop a new look and feel. Either way, this article will be helpful in choosing what you need to know about choosing, creating and executing the perfect barbershop mirror styling station.

Why need the styling station?

The construction of many salon furniture items can affect how much space you have in your salon. Most importantly, it affects the overall style of the salon. You have to decide what kind of cabinets you want, how many cabinets there are, and the ability to fit your space without making things look cluttered. Do you need something portable so you can easily carry your basic tools and supplies? The good news is that our company has plenty of portable styling stations to meet your need for flexibility. If you already have a styling station, but you want to add some flexibility to your work, we recommend getting a small cart. 

Many stylists are starting to move into salon suites or small studios. Small Spaces can be great in some ways, but they can also be a challenge when you’re trying to run a thriving hairdressing industry. Obviously, space will be tight, and so will your storage options. Think about which furniture will help you maximize your square footage and which supplies will help you run smoothly. 

Ask yourself: What do you want your hair salon to look like? Correct salon furniture can make better use of space and increase guest comfort. One of the easiest ways for a hair salon owner is to choose the right salon styling station! Salon stands speak volumes about your personality as an owner or stylist, the vibe and the type of client you want to attract. Styling stations have a variety of designs and features that can add glamour to a hair salon while still being suitable for everyday use. 

The styles of the styling station for salons:

  • Wet station

One of the type of the styling station is the wet station, which has a shampoo bowl on the middle. With a wet station, not only can you provide hair styling services, you can also wash your clients’ hair with the built-in shampoo basin. It’s also good for storing towels, shampoo, conditioner and any other items you might need. 

If you have a smaller space and are looking for something more affordable and affordable, then our salon shampoo cabinet wet station can be a great choice. Because of its shape, color and materials, it offers great flexibility to match your needs. And, for just a few hundred dollars, you can get a full shampoo stand, a faucet, spacious lockers, and a shampoo basin. 

  • Wall-mount hair station

This barber shop is equipped with a large built-in mirror and plenty of storage space. It is designed to be wall-mounted (the leg section provides some support). Being wall-mounted, the legs can be made less thick, leaving more room for other furniture and precious leg room. As for storage, there are two drawers, both of which can be locked with the included key, so you have plenty of room to store valuables knowing they’re safe when you’re not there. At the bottom is a cabinet, and on top, you have three shelves for storing things, like shampoo or towels. There are three tool stands on the right side of the table for some combs and hair dryers. 

  • Back-to back or double-sided styling station

Back-to-back or double-sided styling stations are perfect for large salons with lots of customers. As the name suggests, it has an identical design on both sides, making the salon look unified and suitable for each barber’s needs. If you have space for a hair salon in the middle of the room, then we recommend investing in a back-to-back salon. When choosing a two-sided styling station, you should look for a table with front and back shelves, a full-size mirror, large cabinets and drawers, and electrical stands. For some salons, complicated hair styling station don’t meet their needs and can get in the way. For those salons styling station, the best option is to have a full mirror on either side. If you’re looking for a salon styling station look, there’s plenty to choose from for every design preference. 

  • Styling station with LED mirrors

Styling stations with LED mirrors and built with the most exquisite craftsmanship found in the salon equipment industry. This freestanding salon styling station offers you complete assembly and comes complete with 66 “full-body LED mirrors that will add a clean and modern touch to any salon, spa or barbershop. LED mirrors feature a built-in LED lighting frame. This luxurious salon mirror includes built-in dimmable LED lights that will bring refined glamour to your salon styling station and will give your clients the luxurious experience they deserve! The right side of the Elite styling station features an upper locker, two utility drawers, an appliance drawer with a slide out tool panel to accommodate a hair dryer and two curling irons. And an additional lower drawer for additional storage! Styling stations are on either side, providing more storage space.


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