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Looking for interior design ideas for a jewelry store? Designing a jewelry store is not as simple as designing a bedroom or living room. Good store decoration is an important factor to determine the business of a jewelry store. With the continuous development of society and the continuous improvement of living standards, jewelry is deeply loved by people, so jewelry stores are gradually increasing in the city. Decorating a jewelry store is one of the most frustrating aspects of opening a jewelry store. Jewelry store decoration should not only attract customers but also promote the enterprise culture and business philosophy. The quality of jewelry store operation is often related to the quality of the decoration. So what kind of jewelry store decoration is a good decoration? 

In order to attract consumers to buy your jewelry, we need to be able to show the jewelry to consumers, so a good showcase and booth are also the focus. A unique and novel display cabinet can make people want to enter the store after looking at the display cabinet. Display cabinet design should be designed according to the style of jewelry, jewelry store products are in line with the style of the showcase. If you design it in a completely unrelated style, you lose touch with the essence of the product. The design of the showcase should be in line with the culture of the jewelry store enterprise, or the connotation of jewelry products. When customers see it, they can immediately associate it with a kind of cultural connotation. It is not only a classical style, but also a popular fashion style, and the appearance should be well-reflected. 

Interior decoration idea for the jewelry store


For a jewelry store, the lighting of the store and the products is an important part of the design process, because we must make full use of the lighting to highlight and show the beauty of the jewelry. Different lights create different effects on the jewelry, and there are specific lights that can make the jewelry look amazing and help show off all the details of the jewelry. Lighting can be said to be fully utilized to show the beauty of jewelry products and stimulate customers’ desire to buy. 


According to the quantity, type and sales mode of goods, the three spaces can be combined to form four types of jewelry store space layout.   

1. Contact space layout. The commodity space is adjacent to the street.  

2. The contact type space layout with narrow space for shop assistants. This type of space pattern is a traditional shop form, with no space for customer activities. This spatial layout is suitable for jewelry stores with low prices, convenience items and everyday items.  

3. The clerk space wide contact type space layout. This space pattern also puts the customer outside the store, the clerk contacts the customer through the counter. With shop assistant space narrow contact type difference lies in shop assistant’s activity space is big. Its characteristic performance is: that the clerk activity space is wide, the customer activity is outside the store, and the commodity is placed in the store. This kind of space layout can let the clerk keep a distance from the goods properly, and the customer chooses the goods freely, without the sense of pressure and guard.  

4. Closed space layout, commodity space. Customer space and clerk space are all in the store, commodity space will be separated from the customer space and clerk space. It’s actually an open shelf sale. This type can have a certain clerk space, but also can not have a specific clerk space. In closed stores, the behavior of shop assistants plays an important role in sales. Good atmosphere can attract attention, but also can alleviate the awkward atmosphere, with the environment to improve customers’ interest in buying.

Jewelry store furniture

The display furniture for jewelry promotion can play a big role, there are more and more merchants began to attach importance to the storefront design, but we need to consider many factors when design cases. For example, the color problem, put the position, production materials are in designing jewelry cases, as reflected in the following we will understand the jewelry cases and design factors to consider. 

We should reflect on the role of the jewelry showcase when designing the jewelry showcase, or reflect the characteristics of the jewelry showcase, from which we can see the value of the jewelry showcase in the design and production. Only after letting customers have a look, you can see that your jewelry store has strengths and characteristics, and is different, so as to better attract customers to visit. There is an eye-catching standard or feature is more convenient for customers to find your jewelry showcase, reflecting the unique design of the jewelry showcase. 

Secondly, the jewelry showcase design should take into account the customer’s point of view, mainly the jewelry presented by the jewelry showcase, which is the embodiment of luxury, fashion, authority and so on. Especially in jewelry display cases in shopping malls, because of the number of competitors, jewelry stores with good sales are to seize the psychology of customers. The design of the Angle can be better in the exhibition to a large extent through the customer’s interest and response to your jewelry showcase. Therefore, when designing jewelry display cases, we take into account customers’ interests, opinions and reactions, which can well attract customers’ attention and leave a deep impression. 

Jewelry showcase design should take into account the design of space, the key to space design is to take into account the number of staff and the number of customers to buy jewelry showcase, to accommodate more customers. If you have a jewelry store because the space is not well designed then the jewelry store will be crowded or empty. This is a very obvious factor when considering the size of the jewelry store surface when designing the jewelry showcase. We should integrate these factors to design the jewelry showcase more in line with your jewelry store. In the design of jewelry display cases, many factors are considered, such as the choice of materials, the location of the display will affect the effect of jewelry display cases.

Optional for glass

Be sure to opt for glass for displays and window displays, as using more glass in a store can make it feel more luxurious, as well as make the store feel and look more spacious than it really is. Glass displays are best because they usually reflect light well and help keep the jewelry centered without affecting the beauty of the pieces. 

In the design of jewelry store showcase, consider thoughtful, multi-dimensional, display cabinet design once discussed through do not easily change, especially not in the late change, change may delay the construction, increase costs, and even affect the design of jewelry showcase and your jewelry store opening. Budgets are often a source of conflict. There can be a big gap between budget and design. As a display cabinet designer, realistically accept the budget and do your best to do the design work within the budget. Comprehensive consideration of these factors believes that you can buy the right jewelry display case, and design it more in line with your jewelry store jewelry display case. 

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