Jewelry Store Furniture High-End Jewelry Glass Counter to the USA

jewelry store furnitureAre you looking for high-end jewelry shop furniture? Before opening a jewelry store, we should pay more attention to the shop decoration. Luxurious jewelry store attracts eye’s attention and makes people feel that the products are over worth the value. Today, I want to share a nice jewelry shop with you. It is made for an American customer.

 Jewelry store furniture design

This jewelry store is mainly used to sell watches, diamonds, and jewelry such as bracelets, necklaces, rings, etc. The main color is black, which creates an upscale shop theme for everyone. The dark color also show the items in a good way

Jewelry store furniture layout

jewelry fixture

This jewelry store has individual tall jewelry stands in front of the sales window. Jewelry models and busts can be placed here to display necklaces and rings. Single display stand mainly used to attracts people’s eye’s attention and enter into the shop.

The middle area is U shape jewelry kiosk. People can select items directly from here. It has a diamond shape at the counter body, looks elegant and interesting. The counter table is glass cabinets with drawers.

A high wall display stands set near the entrance door. The bottom has lock doors to increase the storage area, while the top is a tall glass display showcase area. We make the wall display stand double side glass door so that people can view it directly whenever they are.

jewlery shop furniture

Cahier counter with brand logo wall at the backside. In this case, people can remember the brand once enter the shop.

Watch kiosk put at the side, we make it in L shape with the curved return. So that people won’t be hurt by accident. They will also contain more items. It has sliding drawers and moveable shelves under counter.

Behind the watch kiosk are the high wall stand, it has round shape open cabinet, glass display showcase with a locked door. The jewelry display wall cabinet only has a wall cabinet and storage decoration.

Produce photos show

We can view the jewelry shop furniture exactly from real produce photos. And can see how it looks like when installing in the jewelry store.

Jewelry kiosk

It has a unique diamond surface decoration, the top area is a glass showcase counter with flannel protection. We will make it any size, color you want.

jewlry kiosk jewlery kiosk

Watch kiosk

Includes siling drawers, storage cabinets, flooring light, glass showcase with light lamp

watch kiosk

Wall display stand

Main material: MDF with matte black baking paint, spotlight, 8mm tempered glass, stainless steel

jewelry wall stand jewlery wall display

Individual stand

Main material: Metal frame, clear tempered glass, ceiling light.

jewelry stand jewlry stand

The jewelry display stand has a light lamp, spot light.  We will assembly well in the workshop. So that the owner can use them directly when receiving the goods. If you need further information, please kindly let me know. Thank you

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