Jewerlry Shope Furniture Luxury Watch Display Counter Deisgn

Are you looking for jewelry shop furniture? We recently made a lot of beautiful jewelry shop furniture fit for different shop layouts. With the gradual recovery of the economy, more and more people are preparing to start a business. Here is a nice jewelry store furniture sharing with you.

High-end jewelry & watch store design

jewelry shop design

The jewelry store furniture includes jewelry display counters, working tables, wall display cabinets, and even seating chairs in large shops. We should also choose jewelry display counters that match the shop decoration. Let’s view more details together.

Layout introduction

There is a glass display cabinet in the center, it has unique shapes of the glass display. We can also put round shape glass display showcase facing the entrance door. So people can find it at the first sight. While inside the room, it is a good place to put a wall display shelf along with front glass cabinets. We can also set some chairs here so that clients can sit down and select different styles of jewelry.

Inside the room, we can place a service counter here. People can enjoy customized services here. And people can also replace the jewelry with new ones. In this way, the scope of business can be increased and more customers can be acquired

jewelry display showcase

Color decoration

The main color is brown color along with cream color and yellow-green color for decoration. Combined colors have become very popular. Because it gives people different visual effects and makes the shop more intimate and warm. We also use white light and golden light to decorate.

Material introduction

Main material: MDF, metal

Surface material: Baking painting, soft leather

Glass: 8mm Tempered glass

We usually use tempered glass to make a jewelry display counter with base metal support. The bottom base is made up of wooden lock cabinets. It can use as a storage place. The sofa usually uses MDF as body material. While the surface is soft leather, creating a comfortable and high-end effort.

How to get the jewelry shop

jewelry store decoration

  • Make a jewelry shop design

We should first think about the jewelry shop decoration idea first. It’s better to make a sketch to discuss better. Then make the jewelry shop deisgn models. It usually needs 5-7 business days to complete the jewelry shop design. Design service needs $500-$1000 depends on shop size. We can check and choose a wonderful jewelry shop design to decorates.

  • Produce the jewelry display counter

Produce progress is according to the confirmed design drawing. So we can receive the jewelry furniture fit for shops. Produce time need about 30 workdays, depends on how many jewelry displays counter the store involved. Workers first make the wood kiosk bodies. The second step is to make the surface decoration. Next step, assembly the glass and locked the doors. When adding the light and wires to the furniture and we can get the confirmed jewelry furniture.

  • Packing and shipping the furniture

We should test the furniture and make sure everything works right. Then package the goods well for delivery. For better delivery, the furniture is divided into several counters. There is a number on the outside wooden box corresponding to the store counter number.

  • Installation of the jewelry furniture to the shop

Installation is very easy, as the jewelry furniture is well completed in the factory. When receiving the goods, we only need to place the goods in the right place and can use them. Counters with lights and wires will reserve male and female connectors, connect them and connect to the power supply to use.

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