Jewelry Display Stand Modern Jewelry Shelf Wall Cabinet Store Design

Are you looking for a jewelry display stand for a jewelry store? A jewelry wall cabinet is good to showcase all kinds of jewelry, necklace, rings, and earrings, etc. We can set it near the wall and in front of the sales window. Today, I want to share a jewelry cabinet share with you. It is good to set to the glass window.

jewelry cabinetJewelry display stand design

This jewelry display stand size is 120cm long, 50cm wide, and 20cm tall. It has a display showcase in the middle area to place all kinds of products for sale. Two ends of the top and bottom area are used to support and decorate it. We can even add a brand logo on the top to inform people. The bottom area has lock doors, we can use it as a storage area.

Material show

We mainly use the MDF to build the jewelry display shelf body. The surface material is baking paint, whether to use high glossy or matte effect is up to you. Other materials include 8mm clear glass, light lamp, stainless steel, etc.

3D designs show

jewelry display jewelry shelf

When we want to use it near the counter, we usually replace the tempered glass with a backboard. We can also add a spotlight, a light lamp at the top to increase brilliantly.

Color information

The main color is black, with a red frame decoration. You can also use other colors to make this jewelry display stand.

Produce details show

jewlry cabinet jewelry stand

Workers work hard to build the jewelry display stand. You can see how the jewelry display stand looks like in real life. No matter what your requirements are, we can make it into reality. Our sales team will also take photos to show you how the jewelry display stand is being made step by step. Whenever you are looking for jewelry display stands, please send us an inquiry.

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