Elegant style jewelry shop display showcase with wholesale price

For jewelry store decoration design, the most important thing is to highlight the center of gravity, which can quickly attract the attention of consumers. This is mainly reflected in the appearance design of jewelry stores. Such as logo design, gate appearance design, lighting design, etc., all need certain decoration skills.        

The jewelry display cases of this jewelry shop are simple and elegant style. Inside the jewelry store, the white color glass display furniture orderly and standard display cases. So that customers can freely buy their favorite jewelry.


The material of this jewelry display case is MDF with baking paint, matched with ultra-white glass. The whole jewelry store looks simple but lets the people feel very comfortable.

And the display wall cabinet with the glass display shelf so that the products put on the shelf combination of glass and lighting. Then it can convenient for customers to appreciate and easy to choose.

The whole store uses simple jewelry display cases, without too many gorgeous colors to match. But also does not lose the lofty store.



To start a jewelry shop project, the first step we suggest is to make a customized 3D design. Please send your shop size and floor plan to us. Our design team can make a new customize 3D jewelry store design for you. For a customized jewelry shop design, we only provide a professional design service. 500-1000USD design deposit and the exact cost depending on your shop size.

We can discuss the layout of the jewelry shop and then we will get back to our design team. Our designer will send the 3D jewelry store design to you in 5-7 working days. And then you can check and let us know your idea.

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