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The distinctive and creative bookstore is the landmark of the city and another beautiful scenery line. The book has its own golden room, as an essential public space in every city, the design of the bookstore also has its own style. A bookstore is a quiet and elegant place, not only a place to sell books, but also a space full of cultural atmosphere and a full range of book shopping. Therefore, the decoration design of the bookstore needs operators to have their own ideas. What kind of bookstore do you want to be, what are the unique aspects of the bookstore compared to other bookstores, and what the bookstore ultimately delivers to its customers through design. Only then can the bookstore be endowed with a space full of style, hierarchy and spiritual enjoyment. 

Nowadays the network is developed, and many people read and buy books on the Internet, but there are also some people like to go to the bookstore to buy books. So what do you need to pay attention to when opening a bookstore? Let’s follow us to understand the attention of bookstore decoration!

Bookstore decoration design concept

1. The facade of the bookstore should be basically unified with the form and style of the surrounding buildings. The combination of various factors of bookstore decoration should be highlighted, and the change of rhythm and bookstore decoration should be contrasted.  

  • The entrance and window is the key part of the bookstore, their location, size and layout according to the store plane form, lot environment, bookstore width and other specific conditions. Decoration company store population and window and plaque, advertising, signs and emblems of the location of the scale bookstore decoration appropriate and has obvious identification and orientation. 
  • Color matching. It plays an important role in the modeling effect of the perfect bookstore. The contrast and harmony of colors are used to strengthen the artistic characteristics of modeling, enrich the effect of modeling, and create ideal visual charm. Under normal circumstances, the color keynote of the bookstore is appropriate with high brightness and warm colors. Highlight the identification of the store, the bookstore logo design and markers, but also the use of high purity bright color, to give people a striking display. 

First, bookstore decoration design principles.  

  • Comfortable

The interior decoration and design of the bookstore should make people feel comfortable, the use of color, the design of lights, the placement of books, the creation of the atmosphere should be able to attract customers’ attention, let people have the desire to come again.

  • Aesthetic   

Bookstore design should also have beautiful, it is best to use the same decoration style, so as to have the overall aesthetic feeling. If the internal design is very random, patchwork, will make the environment appear desultorily, let a person feel depressed, and not conducive to building a quiet and comfortable reading environment.

  • Convenience  

In order to facilitate people to find their own books, bookstore interior decoration design to have a good convenience. First of all, the bookshelf layout should be reasonable, and the height design should consider people’s normal height. Secondly, the arrangement of books should be neat, do a good job in the classification of books, convenient for readers to find. Of course, the cashier’s computer should also do a good job of book details.

Second, how to decorate the bookstore design.

  • Signboard design  

The signboard is the facade of the bookstore, which directly affects customers’ first impression of the bookstore, so the decoration design is very important. The signboard font should be clear, and eye-catching enough so that people can see and understand the contents of the internal business. At the same time, because it is a bookstore, so the signboard font should have a lasting appeal, and can let a person feel the rich cultural atmosphere.

  • Window design  

Window design is also a way to attract customers, bookstore windows can choose transparent glass design, which can let people directly see the design and layout of the store. The most important thing is to make people feel the quiet and peaceful reading atmosphere in the store, so as to attract more people to visit. But pay attention to the window to have a good sound insulation effect, avoid external noise affect people reading.

  • Lighting

Most bookstores, regardless of size, have a problem with lighting. The bookstore is the most need bright lighting, readers in the process of reading, selection, not enough lighting is very painful. 

  • Bookshelf design  

There are many ways to save money, but the bookshelves must be beautiful. The most obvious place in the bookstore is the bookshelf, which directly affects the decoration effect of the bookstore. Bookshelf material color should be unified, material should have texture. One is to use wood, it is best to choose wood, rather than metal or glass, has a good affinity, but also can let a person feel warm and comfortable. At the same time, the shelf spacing should be reasonable to avoid inconvenience. Also, for safety, make sure the bookshelf has enough stability and robustness. The 2nd it is to want to notice width and height, the bookshelf width that uses lumber does not exceed 900 millimeters, and height also wants to see. Third, we should consider future changes and development. Some bookstores make different color bookshelves according to different categories in different regions. 

  • Seating area design 

The bookstore also provides comfortable seats for readers to rest and read. In order to avoid taking up space, try to choose simple and generous seats. At the same time, also pay attention to, in order to maintain the overall aesthetic effect, to maintain the unity of the seat. Additional, design a rest area separately as far as possible, can save space already so, also can avoid environment mixed and disorderly.

  • Style design  

Bookstore decoration has a variety of style design, in order to make people comfortable, as far as possible to choose fashion simple decoration style. Before decoration design, the interior style needs to be positioned so as not to mix the decoration and affect the aesthetic effect. In addition, the indoor device decoration should also conform to the decoration style, to avoid people feel abrupt.

The above is how to decorate the bookstore design related content. Pass the introduction above, hope everybody to the study decorates design method and principle to have probably understanding.

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