Curved Office Table with Wood Grain to Australia


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Curved Office Table with Wood Grain to Australia

office deskThe office table is useful in an office building and conference room. The office table is mainly used to work and deal with papers. You can also place items for easy usage. Here is a nice office table sharing with you.

Office table introduction

This office table size is 2m in diameter and it is in a curved shape, allowing one person to sit down to work. The main color of the office table is wood with white, looks very natural and high level your office decoration. Customers and partners will increase their goodwill and trust in you and be able to promote cooperation. A high-end and uniquely shaped office table can make your business good.

office table

service deskDetails information about office desk

Front view

From the design drawing, we can see the front area has a curved panel covering the curved desk. It not only shortens the distance between customers but also protects employees’ privacy and work. You can use it as a service desk in the reception area. If you have a brand logo, can place it here directly.

Side view

We can see from the side, there is a circle on the top of the counter. It’s in wood color, looks like a fence to protect the counter table.

Back view

The back has a work table in the middle, you can put a computer here. Under the counter is draws and cabinets for storage. Another counter table can use to put small decoration items, necessary documents, etc.


The kicking is very unique because it is an adduction kick. The office desk base is an arc. shape, which looks very distinctive.


We use MDF with wood veneer to make the reception counter. Other areas use MDF with baking paint. If you have new ideas, just tell us. We can add it to the office table.


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