Black powder-coated Metal harp strings Industrial Reception Desk Counter

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Industrial style reception desk for office, restaurant, hotel and club bar.


Are you looking for an industrial style reception desk or restaurant front counter? Well, you are in the right place. Here we offer the world’s most popular design industrial reception desk for sale. Moreover, we can custom the whole concept to follow your brand character and company culture.  Our skilled designer will help you create a modern industrial reception counter to 100% suit your environment. Whether you are going to place it in a bar or restaurant. The Industrial counter will make your guest with “WOW”.

With the development of society, more and more people get interested in the industrial style. Especially after the Renaissance, simplicity, fashion and strong functionality are some of the elements that we pursue. In order to produce a high-quality industrial front counter, you need to be very familiar with all types of material and color technology.

Black powder-coated metal harp strings Industrial Reception Desk Counter

  • Dimension can be customized accordingly.
  • Different wood color is available.
  • Custom Logo Available.
  • Fully assembled shipping, No need assemble when you got it.
  • 49 pieces of iron rod support the top.
  • Unique Design and Industrial look.


industrial reception desk industrial reception counter

Top 9 Character of Industrial Style Furniture

  • Black and white
  • Iron art
  • Bare brick wall
  • Bare roof
  • Cement wall, cement
  • Bright color
  • Retro lamp
  •  Leather
  • Aging element

Black and White

It’s right to choose black and white as the basic color of industrial style.

The male, calm and rational texture created by the black and white color system is the way of industrial style, and the use area cannot be small.

Iron art

The element that industrial style has to say is iron art products. Whether it’s stairs, doors and styles, furniture or even accessories, you can use iron art boldly.

Durable, rugged and tough, cool and cool.

Note: the cold feeling of iron products can be neutralized by a large number of cloth and wood products.

Bare brick wall

You must be familiar with the goods.

The natural and rough naked brick is often used outdoors, but in the industrial style, this element is often used indoors, but the old one is full of modern feeling.

  •  The naked brick shall conform to the characteristics of industrial uninhibited;
  • Partial use of bare bricks can form a visual contrast with other indoor walls and make them more colorful;
  •  low cost
  • Of course, you can also color it according to your preference.

Similarly, if you are worried about the hardness of the brick wall, you can use more fabric and cushions to neutralize it.

Bare roof

No ceiling, see the exposed pipeline, which is also a unique element of industrial style, making the floor higher.

Don’t be afraid of the exposed roof. You just need to arrange the layout of the pipelines. If you want to be more overall or more distinctive, you can paint the overall color of the top surface.

Cement wall

Cement wall is one of the favorite elements of post-modern architects, which can make people quiet and enjoy the beauty of interior space.

Suggestion on using the cement wall:

  • If it is an ordinary apartment, you can choose to use a cement wall on one side, otherwise, it will affect the indoor light.
  • Pay attention to the matching of lighting, fabric, and color

Bold colors

The main elements of the industrial style are achromatic and slightly cold.

However, such an atmosphere is very inclusive of color, so you can use color soft clothes and exaggerated patterns to match, neutralizing the cold feeling of black and white gray. The industrial style can also be very warm.

And industrial style usually means “artistic style”, and the color is the most extreme expression of art.

Simple or retro lamp

In the industrial style, the use of lamps is extremely important.

As shown below, minimalist or retro lights, even neon lights, are the best choice. Moreover, because the industrial style is mostly dark, you can use more spotlights to increase the lighting of electric light sources.

Of course, if the “industrial taste” of the space is enough, the crystal lamp is not useless. You should know that the industrial style is very inclusive of the soft style.

Cortical elements

Leather furniture has a sense of age, especially old ones. It’s vintage. It’s a good friend of industrial style.

Making old elements

There’s no need for bullshit.

Heavy industry fans please use all kinds of old elements in horror films. They are good props, from broken walls to disrepair furniture and doors

Additional information

Weight85 kg
Dimensions2000 × 600 × 950 mm



Black, Wood


Laminate, Powder-Coated


Metal, Plywood


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