Clothing Store design

This is the design of a children’s clothing store with a square floor plan. There is a cash register directly in front. And an advertising machine on the wall, above which there is a 3d illuminate logo. Clothes are display on the left and right sides. And built-in lights on the walls give the shop a warm atmosphere. There are also clothes display on both sides of the store. And children’s mannequins are place on each display shelf at the top. You can wear our clothes on the mannequin, and customers can see the upper body effect of the clothes. And you can also match the mannequin with clothes, which can promote customers to buy a whole set of clothes.

A circle of spotlights around the ceiling of the shop, these lights shine on the clothes, making the clothes look golden. In front of the store door, several display cabinets and display poles are place, and several stools are also place to facilitate customers to rest. Put three-dimensional cartoon characters and toy displays at the door to attract passing children and adults. The most important thing is that the logo at our door should be visible enough, and we should use 3d luminous logo.

Place a light box at the door of the shop, and put the publicity advertisements of the shop on it to play a propaganda effect. A small space is set aside inside the store as a fitting room where customers can try on clothes to see if they fit their size. A mirror is install on the door of the fitting room, and the customer can see the effect of the upper body through the mirror after wearing the clothes.


The hanging display shelf and the bottom locker use cleats and fire boards, and the clothes rod below use metal. Our reception desk and individual display cases are made of MDF and painted to create a smooth and beautiful result.


If you like this layout design, you can tell us your store floor plan. Our professional designer will custom it according to your floor plan. Pls feel free to contact us, thanks.

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