Women’s Clothing Store Design

How to build a women’s clothing store, this design will show you. First of all, there is a cash register in the design drawing, and an acrylic logo can be made on the cash register. There is a wall behind the cash register, and several lights are illuminate on the wall. At the same time, there is a 3dlogo on the wall. Behind the wall is a clothing display area with multiple metal poles for hanging clothes. There is a rest area next to the cash register, when people are tired of shopping, so sit on the sofa to rest and eat some snacks. There are two dressing rooms in the back, and you can try on clothes directly by drawing the curtain. Using a curtain as a door not only saves costs, but also is convenient and beautiful.

On the other side is the clothing display area, with multiple metal poles from the ceiling to the ground, and every two poles connect together can be use to hang clothes on the pole through the hanger. The spotlights on the ceiling were clearly visible on the clothes. There are also two full-length mirrors that allow customers to compare the fit of their clothes. There are many spotlights and chandeliers on the ceiling of this shop, and their appearance makes the shop look more advanced and luxurious.


There are many kinds of materials for making the reception desk, such as MDF, stainless steel, marble, plywood and so on. In general, we recommend the use of MDF, MDF plus paint to make the reception desk surface will be smooth and beautiful, and stable performance. The reception desk in the design is made of MDF with a layer of glass on the surface.


In addition to this design, we also have other clothing store design. If you have any idea about the clothing store design, welcome to contact us, thanks.

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