Children Clothing Retail Store Decoration For Shopping Mall Sale

Nowadays, with the development of the Internet age, online shopping has become popular. More people like online shopping. Especially buying daily necessities such as clothes. Buying on the Internet has become more and more convenient. Just place an order on your mobile phone. After waiting a few days, someone will deliver the delivery to your house. No longer need to go out for a whole morning, it takes time and energy.

But even online shopping is developing fast. There will still be some customers keen on shopping and buying clothes in offline stores. Especially for those who have children as parents. The quality of clothing requirements are relatively high. They want what’s best for their children. They are worried that the clothing inspection and production on line are not up to standard.If you put them on a child, it can make them sick or irritate their skin.

So if you want open a retail store selling the children clothing,what do you need to do?


  1. Choose a good location.If a store wants to successfully open and operate, it must have an advantageous geographical location. Can attract a stream of people, bring a steady stream of customers.
  2. Exquisite shop decoration, layout. Can attract customers walk into your retail store shopping and then creating a desire to buy the clothes they like. And shop decoration will includ the lights,  the color of the whole intergrated store, floor, display showcases, ceiling and many others.
  3. Besides the above tips, of course the products are the most important. Don’t forget your biggest competitive advantage is the quality of the products in the offlline shop.  Only with the guarantee of quality can we have stable customers.

Now I prepare to  introduce the shop decoration for you. Then you will know how to design your shop.



The overall color of the shop is the first impression to people.Because we open a children’s clothing store, so the overall color should be warm and comfortable.Let the customer into the store has a very warm feeling. Usually we use  blue, pink,white, orange and green, which can easily attract the children attention. 

Display Showcase


Display showcases are very important for a store. Everything in the store needs to be displayed with it.The display cases also come in different shapes. There are standing cabinets, wall cabinets, etc. There are simple shelves and so on. They are usually made of MDF , plywood, stainless steel, or solid wood, and surface is made in baking paint or laminated to finish.


Logo Brand


We all know that the logo is as important to a store as the name of a person. A good logo brand can make customers remember it immediately and achieve the effect of moderate publicity. In addition, a good logo not only is the letter but also includ some images or symbol. That can let your customer remember this better. 


How To Design Your Shop?

If you think that’s too complex, don’t worry about it. We can handle all of these for you. Though we are a professional comapny design and manufacture kinds of  display cabinets and kiosks. We also can design the layout of your store and arrange the decoration according to your requirements. As long as you provide the floor plan of your shop and relevant requirements, we can offer best service to you.

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