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Every parent wants to provide the best to their children, and clothes are no exception. If you want to open a good children’s clothing store, the whole design of the store is very important. A perfect design will not only help you attract customers, but also reflect your level of service.

Details of the children garment shop

From this picture, We can know the design outside the store is very attractive. We marked the customer’s logo on the roof in the design, but the customer felt it was a little monotonous, and added decoration and selected the luminous logo, so that it could have a good effect even at night.

And we can see the layout of the whole children’s garment shop. When customers enter the store, they can choose the clothes for their includes a cash register desk, some small display stands, and several display cabinets set up around the walls. with a reasonable spatial layout and harmonious colors, so that the shop will not look monotonous.



There is display showcase of different colors in this shop. The display showcase is equipped with light strips to highlight the clothes, which also can improve the brightness of the shop. We have designed different types of display showcase for our customers.When you have a favorite style, we will design a new one according to your style and store size. If you want to add decoration to the display showcase, our professional designers will add it to the design for you.

We support custom children’s garment furniture, and when you have any new ideas, our designers will add them to the design for you. Usually, we will install lightbox posters on the display showcase. Which can attract customers’ attention. Meanwhile, we can also mark your LOGO on the display showcase. We have different LOGO forms, such as acrylic 3D logo, hollow logo, and LED light strip, etc., which all depend on your needs to customize. For the design of the display stands, we can also add decoration to make your shop more unique.

For open baby clothing shop skills

You need to have a stable supply of clothes, which is a necessary condition for opening a store. According to your store style, hobbies, funds, and so on. Choose what type of store to open, and then find this type of supplier. In order to highlight their products in the competition. So, the choice of sources of goods to have an advantage, such as good quality, diverse styles, etc.

Shop decoration should be in line with the style of its own products. And children’s clothing shops decorate in a cute style and should not add too much decoration to avoid visual fatigue. Need to use color matching, spatial layout to form their own store characteristics.

Appropriate discounts are also a good way to attract more customers. People usually stimulate their desire to buy because of competitive prices. The store reasonable preferential activities not only drive the sale of clothing, but also can promote your store services.

About us

We are a professional children’s clothing store furniture manufacturer and have the design department to make the design. We have more than 14 years of experience in manufacturing children’s clothing furniture. Also, Has accumulated a lot of design, production, and other experience, to provide you with good furniture and products.

We also have our own factory. If you are worried about the store furniture exceeding your budget, we can make designs and adjustments according to your budget.We will offer you the best price to help you finish this perfect project.

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