What kinds of ice cream are there?

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If the composition of ice cream is divided into three main types of ice cream.

1.whole cream ice cream

ice cream is the highest nutritional value of the class, ice cream inside the milk fat content of more than 8%, slightly more high-end ice cream, fat content can reach 12% to 16%, and are the use of pure milk as the main raw material, and then add cream, eggs, milk, milk, milk and milk. And sugar and all kinds of spices, like chocolate, coffee.

2.half-milk ice cream

The second kind is half-milk ice cream, which mainly uses milk powder as the main raw material, the milk fat content can reach 2.2%, which can use non-milk fat raw materials such as margarine, vegetable fat, etc., the fat content is greater than or equal to 6%.

3.plant-fat ice cream

Finally, there is plant-fat ice cream, which is mainly composed of water, milk, sugar and so on. Mainly vegetable oil and margarine. This ice cream is still very pure from the taste, its similar pure taste and taste mainly rely on special processes, but added additives and some special processes made, which does not contain milk ingredients.

Differentiated by milk fat content

1.American ice cream

American ice cream is characteriza by relatively high sweetness, rich milk taste, and fat content of not less than 10%. Its ice cream is usually make of water and ice cream ingredients, so it lacks the thick and smooth flavor of Italian ice cream. American ice cream is the product of large-scale industrialization. Most of the common ice cream belongs to this category, and most of them can be store for about a year in preservation.

2.Italian ice Cream

Gelato is characteriza by its low sugar content, smooth taste and 4% fat content. Italian ice Cream is call gelato instead of lce Cream. Gelato is make with fresh milk as the base material and the thickest variety of seasoning materials, directly stirred and frozen, and tastes smooth and dense, like “silk”. Because it is make with fresh milk, the expansion rate is low, so there is no excess water and air in it, and the weight is thick. Italian ice Cream definitely emphasizes not adding cream to increase the taste and consistency, so Gelato has a lot less calories and fat than lce Cream. It is fresh, healthy, low-fat and low sugar, and there is no burden of obesity when you eat it. It also has a shorter shelf life than American ice cream.


Emphasize the harmony of fruit and dairy, so there are usually fruit flavors, which are particularly compatible with dairy products, such as strawberry milk sherbet is a common taste; The milk content of such ice cream is usually around 2%.


Ice cream made of fresh fruit, featuring zero milk content and no additives, with the taste of dense ice cream and refreshing smoothies; Because the ingredients do not contain dairy, even people who are allergic to dairy products can enjoy them

Classification by fat content: 

  • The fat content of premium cream ice cream is 14% to 16%, and the total solid content is 38% to 42%.
  • the fat content of cream ice cream is 10% to 12%, which is medium fat ice cream, and the total solid content is 34% to 38%.
  • the fat content of milk ice cream is 6% to 8%, which is a low-fat ice cream, and the total solid content is 32% to 34%.
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1. Sundaes

Sundae is a kind of children and young people are very like to eat a dessert, it has a lot of flavors, tomato flavor, black date flavor, cherry flavor, chocolate flavor, etc., its taste has a rich level, and cold cold, is the summer heat relief tool.

A sundae is an ice cream dessert that traditionally consists of one or two spoonfuls of ice cream topped with jam or syrup, or topped with a layer of icing, whipped cream, cherries, or other fruit (banana, pineapple). The origin of sundaes is a bit vague in the Oxford Dictionary, but it is agree that the name Sundae comes from Sunday.

The origin of sundaes

There are many theories about the origin of sundaes, but a leading one is that sundaes are actually variations on ice cream soda. According to the Evanston Public Library, it is illegal to drink soda on Sundays in Illinois. In 1980, Evanston was the first place to ban ice cream soda, so some creative dessert makers here, in order to comply with the law, sold ice cream with syrup instead of soda on Sundays, thus creating the special Sunday ice cream. Local Methodist leaders objected to naming a food item after their Sunday name, and the spelling of the Sundae became Sundae.

  • English style: Ice cream is place flat in a glass or glass dish with fresh fruit and whipped cream, red and green cherries, and waffles.
  • French style: Also known as Buffy, the difference with the British is that the bucket type tall glass with feet is generally use as a container, in addition to the British material, and is make of red wine or syrup.

The difference between them is the raw material and the container. Sundaes are make by adding jam and nuts to the finish soft ice cream, so the raw material of sundaes is mainly ice cream powder or ice cream cream. Common ingredients are Haichuan ordinary ice cream powder and Haichuan yogurt milk powder.

2.Tricolor ice cream

Tricolor ice cream is the name of a dessert, which has a sweet and delicious taste, excellent color and simple preparation method. The advantage of the three-color ice cream machine is that a variety of flavors and preferably different colors of ice cream can be out of the tank at the same time without confusing each other, giving people a good visual effect. Its origin comes from Italy, a businessman name Carro, in order to attract customers, to attract business, creatively using juice, milk and other ingredients, made of yellow, green, white and other colors of ice cream, called “three colors of ice cream”, launched in the market, it was snap up. Carrow also applied for a patent in the UK for tricolor ice cream.

With the emergence of ice cream, there have been many different flavors and forms of ice cream in the world. In the hot summer, give people a cool feeling.

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