Customize Green Ice Cream Kiosk for Sale

Like most ice cream kiosks we made, not only can we provide you with a high-quality kiosk, but we can give you the most competitive price in the industry. We have had our factory and making kiosk for more than 10 years. We give you a favorable factory price. We can also design the kiosk as per your budget.

The layout design introduction

ice cream kiosk

This style of ice cream kiosk has a glass display cabinet and also a water sink in the working area. The attractive place is the high counter on its back side. The cabinet wall has a light box painting on both ends. People can see your products on the kiosk’s front side. Then they will give you the order after they pick. What’s more, the kiosk has one entrance door and a Logo on each cabinet. Usually, we make the acrylic luminous logo for you. ice cream kiosk

From the left side, besides some posters on the counter, the important place is that you can see the TV player with the menu at the cashier register. This side is the order area same is the bar counter. We can help you design what you want.

Material introduction

The main basic material is plywood and laminate, a fire-proof board. also has MDF with baking paint. You can choose the material. For the countertop, we use man-made stone, it is environmental material, non-toxic, and non-radiation. Man-made stone is the material we usually use on the counter table. Such as Marble, and Quartz. You can also choose one material. The display cabinet is an 8mm glass cabinet with a stainless plate to put ice cream. The kiosk includes other accessories such as hardware and socket and so on. When you receive it, you can use it after installing all parts of the counters and connecting the electricity.

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