Summer Bubble Tea Kiosk Fresh Juice Outdoor Booth for Retail Sale

As the weather gets hotter and hotter, we may drink too many beverages and drinks to cool ourselves one day. Especially we are eager for cool bubble tea outdoor. So it is sure to money make to open an outdoor drinks shop. If you have a coffee or bubble tea kiosk in a crowded area. Many people walk along the street. And your business will be popular. Now, I will introduce a kiosk for your business.


This is a rectangle kiosk, with a glass display cabinet. It has many small steel boxes for putting icecream. From the front side,we can see the blue strip shape counter and a white square logo board. Meanwhile, two cashier machines on the countertop. When people see the menu on the backside, they are easy to order the menu. in addition, we can see the several video machine on the back side for showing the icecream making process and your products’ ingredients.

coffee kiosk

Interior design layout

From this picture, we can see an indoor counter with many machines on it. This is a working area. We add a sink and Beverage machine to the counter. There is a refrigerator at the right side. At the same time, we can see the image wall with many ice cream drawings decorations and the wall is a diamond shape ceramic tile. What’s more, from the top ceiling, we can see many led spotlights to light the working area.

ICEcream kiosk


Material: plywood, tempered glass, stainless sink, and socket

finish: laminate and Corian

size:4*3m or customize based on your need

payment term: 50% before the manufacture,50% before the shipping

design:3D design and CAD drawing

skirting area: stainless steel

package: foam interior package and a wooden box for exterior package

logo: customize your logo

the manufacture time is about 22-25 working days

the shipping time is about 25-30 working days

price: about 5500$, depending on your final design

ICEcream kios


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