High Value Ice Cream Kiosk in Great Demand for Sale

Do you want an ice cream shop? However, due to high shop rents preventing you from opening an ice cream shop. An ice cream kiosk not only can you save a lot of rent, but you can also move easily. The following introduction about the ice cream kiosk is worth a look.

ice cream

Instruction of the ice cream kiosk

From the design in the picture above, we can see its shape, size and color. Firstly,this is a rectangular kiosk with two display cases on the front and one display case on the side. The outside of each display cabinet can be used for posters, or as a light box to display products. Installing LED lights will make the product have a better display effect outside the showcase. One of the front display cabinets is  the ice cream freezer,  and the other two cabinets is the display area for receiving food and for putting other food. The ceiling is the same size as the display cabinet. And we use four stainless steel pillars to support it, which is very solid and firm. You can put the logo on the ceiling, it is obvious to display to customers. There are two doors in total, which can be used for shade and rain. Secondly, the length of the display cabinet is 180 cm and the width is 90 cm. About size we will customize according to your cream And last, the color are brown and  white, countertop is white. Of course, we can also customize the color according to your requirements. You deserve such a beautiful and practical ice cream kiosk.

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