Best-selling Ice Cream Customized Kiosk for Sale

Are you planning to open an ice cream shop recently? Are you worried that you can’t find the ideal ice cream display cabinet? Do you want an ice cream shop that makes customers shine? Here I’d like to introduce you to a hot-selling ice cream cabinet.


Firstly,the color of this ice cream cabinet is mainly Japanese style log color. This kiosk has a cabinet and two display cabinets. The table top of the display cabinet is artificial stone, very smooth and easy to clean. And there is a wall behind the cabinet,which is we often use plywood material to make it. You can hang your favorite wall painting on this wall to decorate your store, or it is okay to put ice cream menu to advertise. You can put some stools around the kiosk for customers to sit on. Secondly,There is room on the table of the cabinet for ice cream machines and sinks, and the cabinet can use to store production which has three doors. Last but not least, a decorative frame like a house attracts more customers’ interest.

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First of all, you communicate with the salesman about the desired cabinet style. We will quote you according to your required size, material, color and so on. The designer designs a 3 D model according to your requirement, It is worth to notice that we will charge a design fee of $300, which will return to you when you place the order. And if there is no problem, the producer will start to put into production. ice cream


We use the plywood as base material to make the counter,and set aside space on each side of the counter for logo. The material of the logo is acrylic,acrylic logo has various color for you chose. Besides,we will use stainless steel to make the seat foot and the kicks of the four corner.

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