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Italy: Gelato

Gelato is a dish made of milk and matcha powder, with a sweet taste. Gelato is a classic Italian delicacy that comes in a variety of flavors, often with a thicker consistency and stronger flavor than common ice cream. The handmade ice cream can be served in cones or cups, and you can choose to fill multiple flavors at once.

What are the brands of gelato?

Shining, a brand focused on artisanal ice cream, was born in northern Italy in 1846. At first, from adding juice to fruit, to adding milk to ice, to using fresh milk to dehydrate, and adding traditional desserts to blend the continuous development of gelato, Shining brought the Italian ice cream to the “water-free era”. Today, after many market changes, Shining Ice Cream still insists on continuous innovation, integrating art into high-quality ice cream production, and winning the reputation of the whole country. Based on the century-old formula, Shining has continuously developed and innovated, covering thousands of single products in 18 series, while integrating fashion drinks, Italian desserts, western desserts, simple meals, etc., to build a three-dimensional business model.

Secondly, Lovely Snow gelato, a local gelato brand. Lovely Snow Ice Cream is a traditional Italian ice cream, it has its own style. Each product of lovely snow ice cream is make of fresh milk and natural jam, which is sold immediately. It can also be customize according to customer preferences and stored in a small stainless steel basin for classification. The storage time is not more than 24 hours to ensure fresh taste. In addition, lovely snow gelato has introduced intelligent robots from Europe, and applied robots to the production process of ice cream. Standardized operation ensures the taste and quality of each ice cream, and can also reduce the waiting time for consumers to bring more pleasant dining enjoyment.

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Japan: Mochi ice cream

Ice cream Mochi ice cream was invent by Japanese-American businessman and social activist Frances Hashimoto, who brought Mochi to the United States and combined it with Western desserts. Mochi ice cream’s filling uses more ingredients used in Western desserts, such as milk products. Matcha is use in combination with cheese and light cream to create the end products Mousse Mochi and ice cream Mochi. Daifuku is a Japanese dessert, also known as “glutinous rice ball”. It is made of glutinous rice wrapped in a filling. Common fillings include sweet ingredients such as bean paste, strawberry and sweet potato. Daifuku’s skin is soft and smooth, while the filling is varied. The most popular is a “strawberry Daifuku” wrap in red beans and strawberries, along with pastry cream and other flavors like peas and soybeans.

The shape of Mochi ice cream is usually round or flat round, and it is call “big belly cake” because of its full and lovely shape. Later, it was rename “Da Fu” after its auspicious homophony. This dessert is also know as glutinous rice tuanzi in China, and similar tuanzi are prepare and tasted in many different ways in China.

Argentina: Helado

Helado is Spanish for ice cream. The ice cream is creamy, rich, and served in cone cones, and it is so high that the melting ice cream will drip all the way down when eaten. Helado comes in a variety of flavors, of which caramel milk is the most popular.

Malaysia: ABC Ice/Air Batu Campur, Ais Kacang

Malaysia is very hot, so this shaved ice called ABC ice is very popular. A pile of shaved ice is pile with colorful toppings such as fairy grass, corn, palm kernels, fruit, aloe vera, condensed milk and a whole bunch of sweet syrups. This ABC ice is very large and looks very satisfying.

United Kingdom: Clotted ice cream

As we all know, the Cornwall in England is famous for its clotted cream. Clotted cream is make by heating whole milk in steam or water, and then waiting until it slowly cools and floats. When the cream is make into ice cream, it has a rich creaminess.

Israel: Halva ice cream

In Israel, this sweet ice cream is very popular. One of the most essential ingredients for ice cream is a sweet treat call Halva, which is a paste of sesame seeds and honey. Ice cream with crispy sugar is a favorite among locals and tourists alike and is a great way to cool off.

Turkey: Dondurma

This is a traditional Turkish ice cream with a special elasticity and a toffee-like consistency. When eaten in one bite, it is firm and chewy, unlike ordinary ice cream, which is creamy and does not melt easily. In Turkey, the process of making ice cream is actually a show, and many tourists stop to watch it.

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India: Kulfi ice cream

Indian Kulfi ice cream is more like Kastar ice cream, which is make from sweetened condensed milk mixed with other flavor additives. Common flavors of Kulfi ice cream include saffron, mango, cardamom and pistachio.

Germany: Spaghetti-eis ice cream

Does that sound a little weird? This German ice cream actually looks like spaghetti, hence the name. Spaghetti-eis ice cream is make using a mashed potato processor to make vanilla ice cream and topped with strawberry jam and white chocolate sprinkles. In Germany, it is a popular trendy dessert

Alaska, USA: Akutaq ice cream

Also known as Alaskan ice cream, Akutaq ice cream is traditionally make with animal fat, sugar, and wild berries. Today, there are many varieties of this ice cream, most of which are make by mixing plant-based white oil with blueberries, cranberries, sweet berries, cranberry berries or wild berries.

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