High-End Luxury Ice Cream Cart & Frozen Yogurt Stand Design

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Are you looking for an ice cream cart for business? We have recently received many food cart orders. Because it’s easy to earn money at a low cost. You can push the ice cream cart to a fixed location or can ride them around to meet new people. Clients who can find you easily. Today, I want to share a nice ice cream kiosk with you.

Introduction of ice cream kiosk

This ice cream kiosk is a ride bike design, you can ride it to different locations, which is save energy and can improve sales. It’s a standard ice cream cart, you can also custom make it according to your needs.

ice cream standRide bike area

This ice cream cart has a ride area with wheels. The side has a handle to control directions and for safety considerations. You can add solar or energy supply, which can save time and energy.

Display cabinet

The display cabinet of the ice cream cart is mainly used for display and steel ice cream. It has light decoration on the counter table, looks vivid and elegant. On the counter, the table has an ice cream sign and poster to let people notice you.

ice cream cart

Ice cream machines are set inside of the ice cream cart body, which is convenient to use.


Each mobile food cart has a roof because it makes the cart look better. Clients can also notify you from distance. The roof is also a symbol of your ice cream cart. Brand logo, name, and posters can attach here directly. The roof color usually matches the ice cream cart, if you need other colors, just contact us to change one. Thank you.

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