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In summer, there are not only cicadas, watermelon, air conditioning, ice cream is also an essential summer standard. Although ice cream is the norm in summer, it never goes out of style in any season. An exquisite outdoor ice cream kiosk is sure to attract a lot of customers for you.Today let’s take a look at the design of the ice cream display case.

Design details

On the left side of the front of the ice cream stand is a picture of a light box with embedded light strips and a delicious picture of ice cream. In the middle is a large transparent refrigerator display cabinet, we have designed an acrylic cover on it, which can effectively prevent dust. On the right is a glowing acrylic logo. There is a large 3d ice cream on the far right, which looks very harmonious.

An acrylic logo is also set on the top. The base color is brown and yellow, which sets off the overall color. To make it easier for us to clean things, we installed two aluminum sinks on the back. There are two ice cream machines in the middle. There is also a large freezer on the right where we can store some raw materials. There’s also a picture of a light box on the back. This picture of a light box is larger than the previous one and can attract customers’ attention in all directions. Relative to the other side of the sink set aside several hollowed out positions, these positions can be used to place milk tea, juice and other drinks.

Custom contact

We are a well-known supplier of various display cases and kiosks in China. We have a professional design team and manufacturing plant. Any kiosk you like can be customized to your needs. If necessary, please contact us!

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