Popular Ice Cream Kiosk with a Top for Sale

This is an ice cream kiosk we made for our customers. At first, he sent us an inquiry at the international station. He said he need an ice cream kiosk for his ice cream business. And tell us the detailed requirements of it. Because we are a professional customized retail kiosk manufacturer in China, so we can make a kiosk for him to meet his needs. Let us have a look at the ice cream kiosk.

ice cream kiosk


The special place is the high top of this kiosk. Usually, the kiosk has no top. The color is yellow and with wood brown top. The top back and front side have a logo board, we can custom make your own logo. The front counter has a paint box of your product and logo on it, so people can see it quickly. Meanwhile, a glass cabinet is in the middle. What’s more,  we use stainless steel to protect the kiosk in the toe kick area.

ice cream kiosk


We can see the back side also has product promotion photos and an ice cream stainless steel box. The ice cream kiosk size is 4x2m, so the interior space can put many machines. But the machine we don’t provide, you need to buy it by yourself. We install the water sink and the socket and other hardware accessories for free, our kiosk includes those.


Most of the kiosks we made are used in the Mall, so we design the kiosk to our clients’ demands and the mall criteria. The necessity to make a design is that everyone’s need is different, and the criteria of different countries’ mall are different. Our design not only can meet your requirements but help you get the mall managers’ approval and get the place quickly and smoothly.


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