Hot sale food stall for the ice cream business outdoor used

It is good to open an ice cream cart in places such as shopping malls, stations, schools, and residential areas. And other places where there are many people.

In addition, if you want to have a good ice cream business, another very important thing is to have a high-end ice cream cart. Only a good ice cream cart can better your business and attract more repeat customers. This is a hot sale food stall for the ice cream business outdoor used. Let us have a look together.



The main color of this ice cream outdoor food cart is yellow color and white color. The top has a 3D lighted logo and the canopy is yellow and white color. And on the front side and right side, both have a logo – cute and attractive.

On the countertop, you can put the equipment machine. For example, the ice cream machine, the juice machine and so on. We will leave the space for you to put them.


Because you may need to use the ice cream cart for outdoor, we need to use strong material. The basic material we can use is plywood. It is hard and usually, we use it for the food kiosk, not a problem. For the surface finish we can use laminate, or aluminum-plastic panels, both good for the outside area.

The glass guard on the countertop is 8mm tempered glass. We can make it frosted glass if you don’t want the customer can see through. The logo we can use the 3D lighted logo, please provide the logo file to us. We will make the logo according to your logo file.

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