Cute Design Outdoor Food Cart for Retail Salefood cartIntroduction of this ice cream cart

Whole appearance

This ice cream has a handle and wheel, you can push it outdoor to sell. Importantly, it has a shield to avoid rain and sun when you working outdoor. The ice cream cart is the green color we made with baking paint, which is an environmental protection material.

Details information

From the front side, we can see the white geometry frame with a black acrylic logo on it. the foot bracket we design a unique shape. in addition, the countertop material is a man-made stone, which is easy to clean and looks more smooth. the countertop has three lids. you have three working areas to make and put ice cream. so you don’t need to hurry when the customers are many and waiting.

food cart

Our production process

We first prepare materials and make the wooden counter according to construction drawings. During this process, we will reserve light strips and socket locations. Then, start to Laminate fire-proof board on the surface. Thirdly, install various accessories, light strips, and drawers. The last step is to assemble the kiosk to show you the whole effect.

food cart

Order procedure

First, if you have interested in our kiosk, Send us your inquiry, and then tell us your requirements.  The next step is after you get our design proposal. Third, confirm the order and sign the contract. At the same time, you need to make the deposit. Until the design is finalized, we will start production. The last step is the installation test. You need to pay the balance before delivery. Last but not least, we have installation service and  3 years of free after-sale service.

The price of this cart can be confirmed after the final 3d design. But we can give you the most competitive factory price thus we are factory direct sale. If you want to buy it, welcome to contact me at    

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