Custom Design Blue Ice Cream Cart for Sale

Hot summer is coming, and the first thing we do is go out to eat ice cream and cool tea to make us comfortable.  In the summer, the popular food is ice juice, and you can see many ice cream buyers and small shops can add refrigerators to sell popsicles. If you want a profit revenue, you can also a small business to make money.

icecream cart

How to start an ice cream business?

  • Find an outdoor ice cream kiosk or ice cream kiosk, we can be your reliable supplier, because we have our own factory, and can provide you with the ideal kiosk at an affordable price.
  • Make a budget and find a suitable place to sell
  • Prepare the original materials
  • Employ the workers, but if you start a small outdoor booth, this step you don’t do

The introduction of this ice cream outdoor kiosk

  • size: 2*1m, any size you want to be accepted
  • color: blue or customized
  • material: MDF and baking paint finish
  • skirting area: stainless steel
  • other materials: light box, led light, luminous logo, waterproof shield, water sink, socket, and foldable door

This outdoor ice cream kiosk has a bar counter, people can eat there. But the bar chairs we don’t provide, we are only a kiosk supplier, not including the other accessories. If you need it, you can let us help you buy it from China, and ship it to you with the kiosk together.

Our design service

We have done many kinds of retail kiosks and can give you the true cases for your reference so that you can get the true effect. But if it is your kiosk, that also needs design again, every perfect effect case has a professional design. Our design charge a design fee, after you pay, we will start to design. Every client needs to pay. The design fee will refund to you if you place an order in our factory.

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