Purple & White Ice Cream Cart Mobile Food Cart for Sale

ice cream cartAre you looking for an ice cream cart for business? Ice cream is a very popular food among poeple. People like to eat sweet tastes and cold feelings. Today, I want to share a nice ice cream cart with you.

Purple ice cream cart design

This ice cream cart size is 1.8m by 0.6m and the height is 2m, you can also customize the size to fit your location. The main color is purple color and the counter has colorful streamline decoration.

ice cream cartIce cream cart introduction

Front side view

We can see there is a drop-shaped decoration, looks elegant and attractive. The two ends of the counter table are decorated with white fences to prevent items from falling. For businesses, small decorations can attract the attention of customers and bring you more traffic. Clients can also choose different flavors.


food cartBack view

The back of the ice cream cart has lock cabinets with sliding doors. We can use it to restore more items and can also view more products. It has locks on the door to production. You can also add drawers or movable shelves inside the cabinet for storage.

Ceiling  & wheels

There is a large roof at the top. It also has a flowing liquid decoration. Brand logo set her to promote your products and company culture. Behind it is an empty cabinet with a flap door. You can place raw materials here. It can be viewed as a shelter when the door is open. This ice cream cart has 4 wheels in total, you can push it to different locations. It can also change the directions easily.

ice cream cart

Material information

Main material: MDF

Surface material: Baking paint

Countertop material: Stone

Other materials: Wheels, stickers, acrylic logo, metal holder, wheels, hardware, and stainless steel.

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