Cute style ice cream cart outdoor food stall for sale

Are you looking for a mobile ice cream cart to start the business? We can make a customized ice cream cart for you to start a small business. A portable ice cream cart can help you to start a business with a small budget. It is low cost and both can use for indoor and outdoor. If you don’t have enough budget, you can try to make an outdoor ice cream cart first.



The size of the ice cream cart:

1200 x 600 x 2000 mm or customized size.

The material of the ice cream cart:

If for indoor, the material to use plywood with laminate is good.

If for outdoor, the material we suggest all stainless steel material.

On the countertop, we can put some toppings to prepare the food. If you want to put a machine, please let us know the size then we can leave the space for you. The size and the color we can design as you like. 



First, we will make the body first, if use wood material, then we will prepare the wood – plywood or MDF. If use stainless steel material, we will make it stainless steel body.

Then surface finish we can use stickers or painting. Finally, we will install a whole ice cream cart in our factory. It includes the ceiling, the logo, the toppings, the wheels etc. Then when you receive it, you can use it directly.



The price of a food cart is much cheaper than a food kiosk or food store as it is small in size. It is around 2000-3500 USD and it is according to the size, the design and the material of an ice cream cart. Stainless steel material is expensive than wood material. You can choose as your need.

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