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As the temperature rises, it is the season to eat ice cream, and with the continuous improvement of production technology, there are more and more kinds of ice cream. But essentially ice cream is divide into two categories, one is soft ice cream and the other is hard ice cream, so what’s the difference between the two?

1.The difference in shape:

Ice cream is divide into hard ice cream (hard appearance) and soft ice cream (semi-solid type). Literally, ice cream can represent two different sorbet forms: hard ice cream and soft ice cream.

2.Differences in origin:

The earliest name of hard ice cream is call ice cream, without distinguishing the form. It originated in China, when the emperors. In order to cool down the summer, let slaves take ice in the winter, store it in the cellar. And then use it in the summer. The method of making ice cream was not brought back to Italy until the 13th century by the traveler Marco Polo, when ice cream was an expensive luxury. In 1560, the private chef of the French queen invented a semi-solid ice cream with milk, frozen fruit, fresh egg yolk, spices and other main materials and engraved patterns, making the ice cream more colorful and delicious, and gradually developed into the ice cream we eat now. Therefore, the name of hard ice cream and soft ice cream has gradually evolved with history.

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3.The difference in taste:

From the literal point of view, hard ice cream contains more water, and has a similar taste to soft ice cream, but also has the cool taste of ice. In order to ensure the creamy aroma and soft taste of soft ice cream, the water content should not be higher than 35%.

4.Different production methods:

1. Hard ice cream is made by putting the mixed raw materials into a container. And then putting them into the refrigerator. And forming hard ice cream directly after freezing at low temperature. Hard ice cream is mainly process in the factory, frozen to the store for sale, its shape is relatively hard, beautiful packaging, eating is very convenient.

2. Soft ice cream is produce by soft ice cream machine (specially design for the production of soft ice cream and an automate mechanical and electrical equipment) a semi-flow solid frozen dessert. Because it has not been harden, the taste of soft ice cream is very delicate and smooth, but it is easy to deform. Generally, it needs to be held in cones or cups after being made, and it is sold now. It is suitable for restaurants, cold drinks shops, ice cream shops and other major dining places.

5.Different fat content:

1, Hard ice cream and soft ice cream also have different fat content. Hard ice cream can contain at least 10 percent fat, and some craft and custom flavors can contain as much as 14 percent or more.

2. Soft serve ice cream doesn’t depend on fat. It is make on the basis of whole milk and naturally contains less fat, and some soft ice cream has about 70% less fat than hard ice cream.

6.the container is different

Soft ice cream is soft, so serve it in a cone or small container, such as ice cream cones, milkshakes, sundaes, and so on. Hard ice cream is harder and has more paper packaging.

7.Center temperature

Hard ice cream because it has a freezing process between production and sales. It is higher than soft ice cream in the process requirements. The central temperature is generally -12°C to 13°C when selling, the sweetness is 14-16 degrees. The dry matter is about 35%, the taste is smooth and mellow. And the physical feeling is slightly stronger than soft ice cream.

Soft ice cream is played from the ice cream machine. The ice cream is sold now, also known as “fresh ice cream”, the central temperature is generally -5°C, the sweetness is generally 14-16 degrees. The dry matter is about 30%, the process requirements are relatively simple, the taste is delicate and smooth.

The characteristics of hard and soft ice cream

The density of ice cream is small, the air content is high, the production temperature is low, the taste is hard, the taste is thick, and the feeling is relatively greasy. Soft ice cream has a high density, low air content, high preparation temperature, a soft texture, and a smooth and refreshing taste.

What’s the difference between a sundae and soft ice cream?

A sundae is an ice cream dessert. Traditional sundaes consist of one or two spoonfuls of ice cream, topped with jam or syrup. Or topped with a layer of icing, whipped cream, cherries, or other fruits (bananas, pineapple). The origin of sundaes is a bit vague in the Oxford Dictionary. But it is agree that the name Sundae comes from Sunday. Ice cream is an expand frozen food made of drinking water, milk, milk powder, cream (or vegetable oil), sugar, etc. As the main raw materials, adding an appropriate amount of food additives, mixing, sterilization, homogenization, aging, freezing, hardening and other processes.

1.The way of production is different.

Ice cream is usually hardene, but sundaes are not. What is hardening? The ice cream is to be place at a temperature of tens of degrees below zero for molding hardening.

2.The selling method is also different

The selling place of ice cream is slightly more extensive, but sundaes are generally sold in cold drink shops, so there are some differences in this respect.

3.Different taste

Sundae, which belongs to a dessert type, it is compare with ice cream. The taste will also be different on the top, one creamy smell is more heavy, one cool smell is heavy.

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