White High-end Style Ice Cream Kiosk for Retail Sale

Hello, welcome to our web. You must need to ice cream kiosk or other shop furniture, you are so lucky to find us. We are a custom design and manufacturing factory. We mainly customize making mall retail kiosks, so we can make any styles you need. The following is a big space ice cream kiosk. Its size is 10x20ft. This is a new design we made for our clients. I will introduce this ice cream kiosk to you.

The description of this ice cream kiosk


This kiosk’s biggest highlight is the complete machine place. According to the client’s requirements of machines and equipment, we help him design enough places to use. The front side has beautiful colorful round spot decorations. It looks so beautiful to attract people. We can also see the glass sheld to apart the customers and your display area. it will have a clean enviroment to your products.

Other accessories

Apart from the basic counter, the kiosk include painting light box ,spot light ,acrylic logo, and water sink. At the bottom of kiosk, you can see the drawer cabinet. It is for you to store inventory materials. In the mean time, for each kiosk we made, we install the socket in your country. And the electricty for your use. You can use this kiosk when you install each counter after you receive the kiosk.

Package and shipment

We pack our kiosk with foam package inside, and wooden box package outside. We don’t send the whole kiosk to you. For each kiosk, we apart several parts, and you just need to install them according to the number. Because we have number them before shipping.We will send kiosk to you by sea.

Design details

Our kiosk you received need to make the design first. After you tell us the style and size, we can start to make design for you. But a customized 3d design will charge 300$ design deposit, it will return you after you place an order.

Our designer will send you the design draft within 3-5 working days of receiving the deposit. We will modify the design until you feel satisfied.

We will start draw the construction drawing after finishing the final design. At the same time, we will check the fianl exact price based on the final design and send you the quotation. You can send the construction drawing to mall management for approval.

This is the design process. welcome to contact me.

Name:mia  Whatsapp: 13725566205

Thank you for your reading!

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