Summer Ice Cream Kiosk for Mall Retail Sale

Hello friend, welcome to our web. You must want to open an ice cream business. We are a professional manufacturer, run in kinds of mall kiosk and shop furniture. We provide a design-manufacture-shipping-installation one-step solution. You provide us with a kiosk idea, we give you the key to starting a business.

The crucial step to starting a food stand is to customize a kiosk for yourself. We can help you do this. Because we have our own designers and design the style you want. Next, let us look at one ice cream kiosk, you can learn from it so as to you have an idea.

Introduction of ice cream kiosk

ice cream kiosk

First, from its appearance of it, this is a kiosk that has a blue and white color stone. The size is 10x15ft. Second, we can also see the two high stands with menu and poster, it is necessaries to your business. On the surface of the kiosk, you can see the white acrylic logo and a big product poster on each side. It is very attractive. Third, the countertop has frosted glass to apart your working area and customers. There is a cashier register at the side of ice cream glass cabinet.

ice cream kiosk

The necessity of a food kiosk

Usually, the necessary part of a food kiosk is the display area, working area, logo area, image and menu area, cashier area, and the water sink area. The material we use is A-grade plywood and laminate, and 8mm glass, usually has frosted glass and tempered glass for your choice.

A customized kiosk will charge 300$ design deposit, a customized design deserves a charge. It gathers our designer’s time and effort. When you finish the deposit payment, i will arrange the design, it will cost 3-5 working days. After the design is confirmed, I will show you the 3 d design drawings and send you the detailed construction drawing.

The next is a manufacturing process, you need to pay a 50% deposit then we start to manufacture according to the construction drawing.

Thanks for your reading!

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