What kinds of bags do you have?

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It is not only use for storing personal items, but also reflects a person’s identity, status, economic status and even personality. A carefully selected bag is the finishing touch.So what kinds of bags?

Classification by use

Brief case

The briefcase is usually divide into several large boxes, specially storing paper, calculators, cards, ballpoint pens, documents, official documents and stationery. The briefcase is solid and neat, mainly made of real leather, but also sewn with embossed leather. The styles are square, rectangular, rectangular, oblate and mobile, etc., the color is mainly sauce yellow, and the way of carrying includes carrying, carrying and so on.


Camera bag

Materials for the camera bag.

First of all, the first thing we pay attention to is the material wrapped outside the camera bag. Generally speaking, the most important function of the external material of the camera bag is waterproof, anti-wear and fire. This material can be roughly divide into two categories, one is nylon or artificial fiber, characterized by waterproof, wear-resistant, not easy to Pierce; The second is the canvas, the advantages of the canvas is very close, comfortable, easy to wash, the appearance seems to be more generous, but its own is not waterproof. When adding some waterproof protection materials to the surface of the canvas, or adding a waterproof layer between the two pieces of canvas, it has a waterproof function. The two materials each have their own advantages, consumers can choose according to their own preferences and practical use.

Inside materials

As for the materials used inside the camera bag, the early camera bag was divide into cardboard. The bad place is that it absorbs water when it is wet, so that there is moisture inside the camera bag, and the durability of such materials is not very strong. The camera bag is divide by a thick sponge board. At the bottom of the camera bag, a relatively thick sponge board is generally use, on the one hand, in order to support the gravity of the entire camera bag, and it can also effectively reduce vibration.

The overall design of the camera bag. The design of the camera bag includes many aspects, including: the space size of each cell, the design of the cell plate and the adjustability, etc., if it is pocket-shape, pay attention to whether the size of the pocket is suitable, whether it is convenient and safe to take the camera and other items. When purchasing, whether the characteristics of these designs are suitable for themselves should be experience on-site. In addition, the waterproof edge of the camera bag seal, the anti-theft lock on the zipper, the anti-slip design on the strap, etc., the user had better look carefully when purchasing.

The size of the camera bag. This specification parameter of the camera bag is usually express in terms of its three-dimensional size. It is usually explain on the product publicity leaflet or in the manual. From the approximate volume specifications, camera bags can generally be divide into pocket bags, small bags, medium-sized bags and large bags according to the size. In addition, the camera bag can also be divide into: shoulder bag, backpack and Fanny pack. Usually the waist pack is relatively small, and the backpack is generally larger.

bag store

Makeup bag

Delicate and small appearance: since it is a carry-on bag, the size should be appropriate, it is generally recommend that the size within 18cm×18cm is the most appropriate, and the side should be some width, in order to put all the items, and can be put into the large bag without bulky.

Lightweight material:

The weight of the material is also a factor that must be consider, the lighter the material, the more it will not cause the burden on the carry, the most lightweight and convenient makeup bag made of cloth and plastic cloth. In addition, the skin is best to choose wear-resistant material, do not have too much decoration, in order to use for a long time.

Multi-layer design:

Because the items place in the makeup bag are very fine, there are many small things to be place, so there is a layered design style, it will be easier to put things into categories. More and more intimate makeup bag design, and even separate the lipstick, powder puff, pen tools and other special areas, so many separate storage, not only can be clear at a glance where things are place, but also protect them from collision with each other and injury.

Choose the style that suits you:

At this time, you should first check the type of things you are usually use to carrying. If the items are mostly pen-like items and flat makeup trays, then the wide, flat and multi-layered styles are quite suitable; If it is mainly bottle bottles and cans, the shape should choose a makeup bag that looks wider on the side, so that the bottles and cans can stand at attention, and the liquid inside is not easy to leak out.

Leisure backpack

Wear casual clothes, leisure and shopping bags, you can choose a lively shape, bright color bag or backpack, which matches the relaxed mood and dress up. To participate in formal occasions such as dinner parties, you should choose a more elegant leather bag, so that it matches the dress and is also a polite expression of the host. When attending a banquet, it is best to use a hand-held or back-type leather handbag, and do not hold a leather bag in hand, so as not to cause trouble when exchanging business cards or taking meals.


A wallet is something that people carry around with them to carry money or other small items, which has also symbolized people’s taste and status since ancient times. Wallets can collect money and bank cards, credit cards and other monetary tools together in a small bag, easy to carry and use, usually about the size of a palm. In addition to these functions, wallets can also be used as accessories or as a family photo holder.

Classification by function

Telescopic bag

There is no fixed support in the bag, which is soft and flexible. It is a variety of styles, there are straps, there are portable, some bags and wallets as one, the bag usually has two or three dark bags, for money, keys, cosmetics, suitable for young women to use.

Zipper backpack

It is most suitable for women who participate in long-distance meetings or field operations, but it is generally difficult to get use to at first, and the harness is easy to clip hair, and it is natural to use it several times. Generally well-make leather bags, excellent luster leather, strap length can be adjust freely. The bag is conveniently place between the waist and hip bones. Some large satchels, as long as the hand can freely enter and exit, bag belt should not be long. Some backpacks can be put away straps into satchels, a pack of two ways to carry, you can choose at will. The backpack, but also make young women full of youthful vitality.

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