Unique female handbag display kiosk custom display counter

Most women said that they must bring a bag ,when they go to work or attend important occasions. And they will be carefully matched. More than 90% of women also carry a bag when shopping or parties, because they have more belongings. If they go out without a bag, it would be inconvenient. The old saying goes: Finding a bag that suits you is like finding a kind of lucky”. So handbags are very important to women. If you are looking for display bags kiosk  design, hope this will help you. Let’s see more details as below:

Handbag display kiosk details

The color of this kiosk is mainly white, which looks practical and attractive. It is divided into 3 parts. Mainly composed of 4 display counters as a whole. We can see from the picture that this kiosk has enough space to display different styles of bags. It is fully open without any obstruction, so when people pass by, people can see it directly, so it can attract and bring more customers for you.

It has different types of display cabinets and stands. The front part is a rectangular display cabinet. On the above of the cabinet put small bags such as wallets and handbags. The handbag is placed underneath and add the logo on the cabinet bottom, which looks unique. Lightbox posters are also installed to make the whole kiosk more eye-catching.

The back part is display cart with wheels. It is divided into two layers. The first layer put some plants and small purses. The second layer is to put handbags. There is a pure green display cabinet beside it, which looks very fresh. There is also a display stand. So this kiosk has enough space to display bags.

How to start my 3d design?

Before production, we need to design first. The design allows you to see the effect and confirm the details. We also produce exactly according to the design. So it is necessary to do 3D design, reach your size and add logo.

Our design time is 2-3 working days, once the designer is finished, we will send the design to you for check. This can be modified based on your ideas. After confirming the final design, you can submit it to the mall for approval. We will help your design pass the mall approved and then Produce it.


Design time: 2-3 working days.

Production time: 18-22 working days.

Delivery time: 30 working days.

It will take about 3 months to complete a project. We recommend leaving 3 months to prepare the project to ensure that time is enough. Because shopping malls also need time to review the design, we also need to modify the design according to the mall requirements. So if you want to receive it and start your business as soon as possible, please contact us now.

As a direct furniture manufacturer, we have more than 10 years of production experience. We can not only provide you with free new designs, but also give you good products and prices. Our company has always adhered to the principle of quality first to provide customers with efficient services. If you want to know about the manufacturing cost of your kiosk or shop furniture, welcome inquire!

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