White Gift Kiosk in Mall Modern Photo Print Kiosk Glass Cabinet

photo kiosk3D print kiosks have become more and more popular in recent years. It includes a glass display showcase, photo hanging wall, open display shelves, and brand logo display stand and cashier counter. No matter what location size you want, you can get a wonderful gift kiosk from us.

White and black gift kiosk design

As is shown in the design, the front side is a small display counter with cabinets. It mainly uses to place photo printers and equipment. The wall facing the public hangs photos for advertising.

Next to it is a cashier counter with a brand name, so that people can understand your business better and remember it. Closed to it is a stairs shape display cabinet. That is good to show all kinds of lovely photo covers. Clients pick up phone covers easily through the glass door. While backside also has a cabinet door for storage.

glass kiosk

photo print kioskThe backside has a high stand with a multi-layer glass shelf, brand logo set at the top. A small white counter with a top glass showcase increases the showcase area. An entrance door of the gift kiosk between them. Therefore, the salesperson can get into the mall kiosk easily.

While the left side has two glass display cabinet stand side by side. Boutiques and other kinds of products can place here freely. Only the salesperson can reach the items inside, which protects the items well. Two sides have open wall shelves with light, people can place cups here for sale.

gift kiosk

More information show

Size: 3m by 2m

Color: White and black

Main material: MDF with baking paint

Other materials: 8mm tempered glass, stainless steel, acrylic logo, light lamp, and hardware

Design idea: Based on the customers’ requirements and mall rules.

Manufacture time: 25-28 working days

Produce photos show

Produce photos that show the real looks of the gift kiosk. The gift kiosk is being made according to the confirmed design drawing. Just make sure the kiosk design is correct, and you can get the same gift kiosks as you like.

photo kiosk photo kiosk

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