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As we know, handbags are a must-have for every woman. When we walk outside, we can almost see many women holding handbags of different styles. So there is a great market demand for bags. If you don’t have enough funds to open a store, you can consider opening the mall handbag display kiosk. This can save costs and start your business easily.

Mall Handbag Display Kiosk

The color of this kiosk is mainly white, it looks simple and practical. It is mainly use to display bags and jewelry. From the picture, we can see that the middle part is a small cash register counter, looks like a small room, which can well protect property safety. There are multiple storage cabinets inside to hold a lot of things, it is very convenient to work.

The front part is used to display bags. It is divided into five layers, just like the arrangement of layer of cake. Each layer can well display different styles of bags. It is also easy to attract people’s attention. When people pass by and see their favorite style, they can try it on directly. The back part use to display jewelry. It is custom make with tempered glass. Customers can see different types and styles of jewelry from all angles. The side of the cash register counter is also made of tempered glass. Which can use to display other products.

This is a kiosk with a small top. The logo add to each part of the top to make the kiosk look more unique. Below are two light box posters installed on each side to show people your products and services.

We are professional kiosk manufacturer and have design team. We can create new 3d designs according to your size and requirements. And help you get the mall approval as soon as possible. We support different shapes and colors, which are all based on your needs.

Real production pictur

This is the first step of our production, build a wooden kiosk body, then paint and polish, step by step production according to the design and construction drawings.

Before production, we need to make 3D renderings and construction drawings, and our workers will produce kiosk completely according to it. For mall kiosk, the mall center will also require you to submit the design for approval, and you can only allow production after get the mall approval. That’s why we recommend to make design first.

You may want to know these questions:

1.Does the design you provide meet our shopping mall approval standards?

Yes, all of our kiosk displays were designed to exactly follow the mall standards and customer requirements. Which can help you get the mall approval.

2.What is the price?

Different kiosks have different prices. Our price is based on size, style and size, please let us know your requirements, and we will offer you the good price.

3.What is the delivery time?

About a month by sea.If you are in urgently and can ship it by air or courier. Anyway, it’s up to you.

4.Do you provide samples?

Sure, we can send the material sample to you. You only need to pay the shipping cost.

5.Is it very difficult to assemble a kiosk?

Just follow the construction drawings and number. And need to put each cabinet together and connect the wiring, If you need, we also will guide you. It is so easy.

Unique Display is a one-stop service company. We always adhere to the principle of quality first to provide customers with good service. If you are planning to open a new kiosk for business, please contact us. We will help you complete a perfect project!

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