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Is it profitable to open a luggage and handbag shop? Speaking of bags, regardless of men and women, we need them in our work, study and life. And with the improvement of people’s living standards, the requirements of handbags and suitcases have not only been able to put things, but also to be beautiful and convenient.

On the commercial street, we can see many different types of shops. Bag shops are more popular. People’s demand for luggage bag is constantly increasing, and people will change their bags as their hobbies and seasons change. Therefore, bag shops are increasingly meeting the needs of the market.

Fashionable bag shop design details

2021 Modern design luggage shop display furniture handbag shop design bag store

In this picture, we can see the layout of the whole bag shop, every space can be properly used, it looks very modern and fashionable. The window design of the bag shop is also very good.People can see the interior layout and products from the outside, which can attract customers’ attention and stimulate their purchase desire. A simple logo design can also show a sense of luxury. Our customized LOGO has different styles. Usually in the form of acrylic LOGO, hollow LOGO and so on, which all depends on your requirements. 

We have our own factory that can support custom make display cabinets. Which can make any shape cabinet and change the color for you.reach your size and add the logo in the 3D design.This way you can see the real effect in the design. We can see that in the middle of the store there are some bag display racks and chairs. And you can display some shoes so that the customer can try them on and can increase your profit. Large display stands can place around wall sides. And there is a mirror in the middle for customers to use.

We can customize the reception counter for you. We have made many styles of reception counter, you can find your favorite style on our website. The material of this reception counter is MDF and baking paint. For the MDF, which has a hard texture and a smooth surface, can be treated with baking varnish. And make the reception desk have a very good luster. It looks very advanced and modern. Ceiling decoration and lighting can be designed according to your requirements. We can send you the store design we have done before for your reference, and help you make a decision as soon as possible.

How to get my perfect bag shop design?

First you contact us here, and share your business plan with us. Tell us what style, furniture, and other requirements you need. For stores, we usually charge a design deposit of $500-1000. When you order from us, we will deduct it from the total price. Which is a symbol of cooperation between both parties.

We will send the design to you in 5-7 working days. It is allowed to modify the design base on your idea. After you confirm the 3D design and construction drawing. You need to pay 50% of the order deposit, and then we will arrange the production. Once the production starts, no modification is allowed. We will proceed step by step according to the construction drawing strictly. So you need to check the design and construction drawings carefully.

All in all, if you plan to open a luggage store and want to know more, please send us a text message below. We will give you professional advice. Unique display is a professional display cabinet furniture manufacturer that can help you complete this project.

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