With the development of the economy and the improvement of consumption power, the development prospect of women’s handbags is gettin g better and better. The handbag display showcase plays a big role, however, in real life, how to make handbag showcases to attract more customers?

Focus on displaying handbags of the same series

Put the handbag series of the same style on the same show cabinet, can help to highlight color differences in the same style handbag. and make the color appear more natural and clean, pay attention to the color collocation of the handbag. Also, give the customer more choice, stimulate the customer’s consumption desire further.

orderly arranged of handbag

Categorize your handbags according to your custom showcase and display counter, and put them orderly arranged in showcase and display counter based on size, color, and style. The display of goods at different heights and positions can increase the attention of customers and improve the chances of product sales. But be careful to deal with outdated or damaged handbags in a timely manner and insist on making good impression on customers.


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