Unique reception counter design company front desk


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Unique reception counter design company front desk

The company front desk is very important for a company. It is representative of the image and appearance of an enterprise, which can also reflect the strength of the enterprise from the side. And is the source of customers’ first impression of the enterprise. So the design and production of the enterprise front desk are very important for the enterprise.

If you are looking for a company front counter, our website posts many designs, you can check it for reference. Today we want to introduce a unique reception counter design to you.



The size of the reception counter:

3000 x 800 x 950 mm or customized.

The material of the front desk: 

Marble color laminate, solid wood stirp.

The usage of the reception desk:

Company, office, hotel, beauty salon shop.



If you don’t have the favorite design on our website, we can make a customize 3d reception counter design for you. Our design team can make a new reception desk design with the size you want.

For a customize 3d reception counter design charge a 300USD design deposit. It is a small deposit of the total cost and when you order a reception desk from us, it will deduct from the total cost.


If you want the same design and the same size as this one, please contact us and then we send the invoice to you. We accept the payment through bank transfer, western union.

But if you want a different size or different material, the price is different. Please contact us for more ideas of the price, material, or any other detail you want to know.


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